Hey everyone, did you know they identify as Non Binary? I don’t think they mentioned that they are Non Binary.

So anyway, how can she not get pregnant, gain weight or a cup size?

Follow up, she went and complained in a transmasc sub about how all the many cis women were mean to her

Literally if she just said she was worried about the side effects of BC and being treated poorly by the doctor no one would have an issue. She has to make everything about her ~IdEnTiTy~. It’s so annoying. Your concerns aren’t unique because you aren’t like other girls.

This girl: - is scared to get on birth control because it might feminize her body - is scared to go to the gynecologist because it makes her "uncomfortable" - is too poor to afford a binder, but plans on dumping what little money she has into her "identity" - needs to "punish" anyone who pokes holes in said identity

This is why affirming is bad. She can barely barely function on the internet, let alone in the real world, because the simple fact that her body is female is deeply distressing to her.

I went and downvoted on this straight woman's post. How ridiculous. "I'm trans". No, you're just a straight woman.

She's scared that BC will make her more feminine? I can't even. BC can have all sorts of serious side effects but the one she's concerned about is looking like what she is - a woman. The absolute entitlement all over this post is making me angry.

Imagine the outrage if she said "I'm concerned about pills because i might get fat and good lord forbid I'm fat. Fat people are yucky. I am NOT fat. I can't be fat " like ... What the fuck hahaha someone tell her she will eventually they old and go through menopause whether she wants or not

I mean, I see nothing wrong with people saying they don't want to be fat

Theres a difference between what Cornelia said and saying, I'd prefer not to gain weight, or something like that

Plot twist, she was actually downvoted by TIP and leftist “allies” because she dared to mention that she’s enby yet biologically female. Uh oh, you can’t do that, silly enby!

Also big LOL at the idea that BC makes you all sexy curvy feminine. Not my experience.

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My hips got slightly wider while I was on birth control but that could have been due to my age (18-19) rather than the hormones themselves. My breasts did go from a 30DDD to a 30G and then back so I think that was hormonally related.

Yeh BC might just make you a bit fat haha

Yep I took BC in my 20s and it made me gain weight but let’s just say, I was an A cup before BC and remained one after.

She actually wants people to be "punished" for downvoting? The breathtaking audacity ...

Women have been complaining of unwanted/unwelcome and even intolerably life-altering side effects of birth control for years, but this "enby" thinks that she's going to find BC that won't make her "curvy."

Side note: people on Preddit, here, and elsewhere (AIBU etc) who whine, demand and interrogate about downvoting. Pullease! I rarely downvote but I don't owe an explanation when I do. You set out your case. I rejected it 🤷‍♀️.

They try all sorts of filtering on Preddit to soften the blow of the downvote on this subject, as true feelings come out. This person is a sad mess of ideologically befuddled entitlement and so detached from her body.

I rarely ever downvote, but I do get a small pleasure from downvoting comments complaining about it

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