Anyone who still wants female reproductive rights while directly rejecting being female ignites a special level of hatred in me. Of course you're female and you deserve female reproductive rights no matter what you identify as. And feminism will always be there for you because it serves all women, even the ones we don't like.

But fuck you.

I'm so sick of female genderspecials trying to gut protections and resources for women while simultaneously demanding that the lowly cis AFABs to come to their aid.

“I would suggest putting some rules to punish homophobic and transphobic behaviour in this subreddit specifically”

Damn get a few downvotes and she already wants to start punishing people 😐

That part jumped out to me too. Always wanting to control other people, usually via punishment. Is this a personality type? Why does it seem like this way of thinking has invaded “leftist” spaces?

Like I think about the way my husband and I parent, and despite never using punishments our kid is well-behaved. And then I think of how I interact with other people and it just doesn’t cross my mind that I can (or should!) control other people or want to punish them for not agreeing with me.

Where is this control/punishment thing even coming from?

Authoritarianism idk

I’m lefty myself but I’ve also noticed a lot of far leftists are basically losers at the bottom of society who are pissed at society for seeing them as losers and this turns into massive resentment/punishment

Yeah I'm from the left as well (though like many here I'm feeling pretty homeless at the moment). I seriously hate to generalize, but I agree with your assessment. The thing that drives me crazy is that there are real systemic problems out there that would benefit from a leftist material analysis, and yet the left has fallen to our "stupid" wing.

I was gonna say the same thing. Men (and probably some narc women like the TiF in question) have a pretty shallow understaning of leftism. To them it's not about collective good, class consciousness, or class efforts. It's about being able to blame every personal failure on external factors, and focusing more on their own personal and ultimately unimportant grievances than any actual social problems.

I have a TiM cousin who's just like this. Allegedly a leftist but has never done a single thing to help anybody. It's all about him and his laundry list of disorders and muh gender identity. So sick of these people.

They're narcissists who took advantage of the empathy of liberals in order to completely take over those spaces, and now when they're met with resistance of any kind they pitch a fit and expect to see the resistors punished because their obviously some kind of terrible, evil bigot if they don't submit.

It definitely feels like narcissism, and I have to wonder if something about our society is raising more narcissists than before, or if it just seems like there are more of them because of social media.

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My preference is to avoid shitty people. I guess I wouldn't cry if their lives sucked, but I'm not invested in making that happen.

There seems to be a trend among younger millennials and zoomers that they think everyone is required to put up with them, not leave them alone, but full-on cater to them as they prefer, and I wonder if the "inclusivity" that's been pushed in schools is related to this. I almost dropped my monocle when I first read that there are schools that forbid children from having best friends. That, of course, would be "exclusive", and we can't be having that.

I almost dropped my monocle when I first read that there are schools that forbid children from having best friends.


I think you make a good point about how this phenomena might be at least partially caused by the school environment.

'You all are so homophobic' says the straight woman fucking a man and asking for birth control advice.

She actually wants people to be "punished" for downvoting? The breathtaking audacity ...

Women have been complaining of unwanted/unwelcome and even intolerably life-altering side effects of birth control for years, but this "enby" thinks that she's going to find BC that won't make her "curvy."

I think people were downvoting her because she’s being a bit ridiculous. If your primary concern is that your body might get slightly more curvy and fearing your NB status being slightly Invalidated, instead of your reproductive health and autonomy being maintained idk why you would go to a birth control sub just to complain about your hesitation to start BC because of your “queer” status.

I think it's the same urge as all the TIM "I'm trans am I welcome here?" posts in every kind of forum, the same urge as people who publicly flounce out of a conversation or announce they're deleting their forum account because everyone else sucks so hard. The same urge as a little kid in a pool, "Mom! Look at me! Mom! Mom! Look at me! Look at me look at me lookatme lookatmeeee!!!" It is an immature brain seeking attention and approval.

Yeah I suspect a lot of women have a lot less patience for this BS, now that Roe is gone and women's health clinics are shutting down

It's homophobic to tell a woman off for being an asshole now?

Lady, if your biggest concern about the health problems associated with birth control are "my breasts might get bigger" you clearly have no actual problems in your life, and you should be grateful for that.

Also it's homophobic to down vote a straight woman having sex with men...

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"all the comments were nice but EVERYBODY WHO DOWNVOTES ME MUST PAAAAYYYYY"


Imagine the outrage if she said "I'm concerned about pills because i might get fat and good lord forbid I'm fat. Fat people are yucky. I am NOT fat. I can't be fat " like ... What the fuck hahaha someone tell her she will eventually they old and go through menopause whether she wants or not

I mean, I see nothing wrong with people saying they don't want to be fat

Theres a difference between what Cornelia said and saying, I'd prefer not to gain weight, or something like that

Plot twist, she was actually downvoted by TIP and leftist “allies” because she dared to mention that she’s enby yet biologically female. Uh oh, you can’t do that, silly enby!

Also big LOL at the idea that BC makes you all sexy curvy feminine. Not my experience.

Yeh BC might just make you a bit fat haha

Yep I took BC in my 20s and it made me gain weight but let’s just say, I was an A cup before BC and remained one after.

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My hips got slightly wider while I was on birth control but that could have been due to my age (18-19) rather than the hormones themselves. My breasts did go from a 30DDD to a 30G and then back so I think that was hormonally related.

Side note: people on Preddit, here, and elsewhere (AIBU etc) who whine, demand and interrogate about downvoting. Pullease! I rarely downvote but I don't owe an explanation when I do. You set out your case. I rejected it 🤷‍♀️.

They try all sorts of filtering on Preddit to soften the blow of the downvote on this subject, as true feelings come out. This person is a sad mess of ideologically befuddled entitlement and so detached from her body.

I rarely ever downvote, but I do get a small pleasure from downvoting comments complaining about it

She's scared that BC will make her more feminine? I can't even. BC can have all sorts of serious side effects but the one she's concerned about is looking like what she is - a woman. The absolute entitlement all over this post is making me angry.

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