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It’s fine to be a straight woman who pegs. It’s 2022 pressing on your bf’s prostate is not a sign you’re actually a man

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...although, sadly, based on her comments about thinking that "Female = all missionary position", I think this person might literally just think that "topping" means "being physically on top during normal hetero sex"

You'd think the name "cowgirl" would clue her in that she's not a man just because she's on top.

Nope, there are only cowboys and transcowboys these days. If you're a Western girl, your only interests are baking pie and sewing prairie dresses. That's what it means to be a girl.

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Oh ffs. I have heard from so many men “there’s nothing sexier than when my girlfriend wears my boxers and a tee shirt to bed!” 🙄

And it gets so much worse from there…

The transition from the missionary position to “topping” REALLY gives me the impression that she just means reverse Cowgirl…

I got the impression she means regular cowgirl, meaning the kind where the two parties are facing one another.

All I see is a woman who desperately conforms to whatever her boyfriend wants, whether that means being hyper-feminine or trying to be a man with a woman’s body for her bisexual boyfriend. She’ll detrans when they break up.

Hope she doesn't make any permanent physical changes before then.

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Desperate though her behaviors are, I don't see her as conforming to whatever the straight guys she's dated want - I got the impression she is conforming to what she believes/assumes they want. She sees all heterosexual men as exactly alike, and she has an extremely narrow, stereotypical notion of what they all desire in their female partner - namely "looking pretty and being ladylike" and nothing beyond that. I doubt she's ever asked any of the many straight guys she says she's dated what they want - she seems to have decided she already knows what all men want a long time ago.

So ONE sexual partner means she knows what sex would have been like (different) with any others??

Also in the 90s all women were wearing boxers, it was a thing.

Amazingly, I have been wearing boxers most of my life. Still female.

Same. I have no bottom to speak of and women's knickers fall off me. Not a good look whatever you're wearing.

Also, long before the 90s, lots of women were wearing men's boxers and briefs in the late stages of pregnancy and after giving birth.

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Literally got 486 upvotes too, just shows that the entire trans community is just ok with whatever reason and probably most of the TiFs on there transitioned for similarly sad reasons

The absolute state of this world and pornsick men when a woman going to bed in a comfy pair of boxers with a man is a DEALBREAKER. I’m tempted to say this anxiety is all in her head, but I’ve read men complaining about less.

It's sad to me. I really see myself here, trying to be so "womanly", wanting to be someone my boyfriend can "show off", making sure I wore something sexy around the house (because he said I was unattractive in my comfy clothes), but dressed more modest, nothing provocative when out (he didn't know why I'd "want other men looking at me").

... My ex was a total douche bag and I was just too young with no self-esteem to realize it. It didn't mean I was a man. It didn't even mean my experience would necessarily have been different with a" bi-guy". I just should have loved myself more, and told him to fuck off. These things just aren't ok at all, it doesn't mean you're a "man" because you don't want to do them.

Is she serious?! This is literally all it takes for a trans identity to form? Why are people so suggestible??

If you ever find a man that decides to not sleep with you because you had boxers on...he's probably gay.

How old is this girl? Like 16?

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