Some comments from the blog

I’m really interested in this concept, but I’m struggling to get my head around it. I haven’t read all your posts so maybe you’ve already answered this directly elsewhere. Am I right in thinking your argument is that men are biologically predispositioned to protect women (often through self sacrifice), that this concept was then enshrined in European culture via the Courtly Love/Chivalric code and then further entrenched during the 20th century as woman achieved financial and reproductive independence. Have I understood? If that’s correct, what I’m wondering is what we should be working towards? What does the ideal future look like to you?

Yes you’ve understood right. As far as the ideal future goes we might hope for a male + female centered culture in place of our current gyno-centered one.

lol, what the fuck. I wish I knew women had this much power earlier, since it really doesn't seem like it. hmm, I wonder why.