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"Gynocentrism", lol!

"Okay, men occupy all the actual positions of power but really women rule the world because those men do everything for women!"

Even if that were true (which it fucking isn't), I've always compared this view to cat owners who affectionately say that their cat is the ruler of the house. They don't actually believe their cat is in charge of its literal owners.

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I had this guy explain to me at length that while men may have the formal power, women rule from behind the scenes and make men do whatever we want 🤣

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It's just a way of denying that male oppression of women exists while nonsensically also blaming women for it.

Honestly, this sounds like a weak-willed man telling on himself that if a woman offered to sleep with him he’d do literally anything she told him to…

which is the original definition of simp, but now that term is used for any man who defends any woman.

He’s saying that men would stop beating, raping and murdering us if… we just asked?!?

Seriously though, fuck that guy!!