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"Gynocentrism", lol!

"Okay, men occupy all the actual positions of power but really women rule the world because those men do everything for women!"

Even if that were true (which it fucking isn't), I've always compared this view to cat owners who affectionately say that their cat is the ruler of the house. They don't actually believe their cat is in charge of its literal owners.

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I had this guy explain to me at length that while men may have the formal power, women rule from behind the scenes and make men do whatever we want 🤣

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It's just a way of denying that male oppression of women exists while nonsensically also blaming women for it.

Honestly, this sounds like a weak-willed man telling on himself that if a woman offered to sleep with him he’d do literally anything she told him to…

which is the original definition of simp, but now that term is used for any man who defends any woman.

He’s saying that men would stop beating, raping and murdering us if… we just asked?!?

Seriously though, fuck that guy!!

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Men start shitting themselves and throwing it against the wall every time a woman is in a lead role on a tv show or movie so I don’t think we’ve reached gynocentrism yet.

true, but I never knew words like gynocentric traditionalists, and bio-gynocentrism existed.

They're still whining about the four female ghostbusters. Men only want women around when they want them and they only want us to be exactly what they want us to be. When we refuse their attempts to impose on us or try to live as we want they really can't stand it.

I particularly enjoyed the confusion between 'serving ladies' and 'servicing ladies'. Who would you be in a porn version of Knights of the Round Table?


Some comments from the blog

I’m really interested in this concept, but I’m struggling to get my head around it. I haven’t read all your posts so maybe you’ve already answered this directly elsewhere. Am I right in thinking your argument is that men are biologically predispositioned to protect women (often through self sacrifice), that this concept was then enshrined in European culture via the Courtly Love/Chivalric code and then further entrenched during the 20th century as woman achieved financial and reproductive independence. Have I understood? If that’s correct, what I’m wondering is what we should be working towards? What does the ideal future look like to you?

Yes you’ve understood right. As far as the ideal future goes we might hope for a male + female centered culture in place of our current gyno-centered one.

lol, what the fuck. I wish I knew women had this much power earlier, since it really doesn't seem like it. hmm, I wonder why.

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Is there anyway of obtaining that domain? I have known for a while that there are blokes who REALLY think that we live in a " evil gynocentric society " but I have been thinking about how cool would it be if we could try making that into an actual reality haha! ^

I have created a sub on ThePinkPill called " Gynocentrism " with an actual purpose of centering women : https://thepinkpill.co/+Gynocentrism

Now imagine how cool it would be if we could take that " gynocentrism.com " domain from him and turn it into an atual website centering women?

If I remember correctly the " Femcel " subreddit on Reddit was originally created by scrotes who wanted to mock femcels... But then the women who were actual femcels took the subreddit over and turned it into an actual sub for femcels! :D

Oh well in any case " gynocentrism.net " is still available among some others like " gynocentrism.io " and " gynocentrism.xyz " and " realgynocentrism.com " is also available and for a nice price too! :D : https://shop.whois.com/domain-registration/index.php

Aw guys, how awful. Being romantic to attract women must be such a burden. I weep.

Yet they see nothing wrong with strip clubs with women's boobs popping out, completely pandering to them in an androcentric way.

This is actually a really common thing. Men absolutely hate the media geared towards women. They are always whining about it, yet they see nothing wrong with all the media geared towards them. They see nothing wrong with androcentric pornography where women are just living sex toys who live to please their little penises.

As usual men think they're the only one who deserve to enjoy anything from a relationship. Men just think they're the only ones who deserve anything at all

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"Gynocentrism" just sounds like doublespeak for the constant objectification of women that makes it impossible to go through one's day without having at least one half-naked, pornified image of a woman pop up out of nowhere as bait to sell you a product. Or how AGPs go on about how the woman is getting all the attention in porn and that the man does everything for her pleasure, completely missing the point of what her actual experience of being on that set is actually like. That is, "gynocentrism" sounds a lot like women being constantly on men's minds. Not as fully fledged citizens worthy of respect (who cares what she really wants, men will do to her what they imagine she wants), but as commodities they want to extract as much value out of as possible while at the same time somehow congratulating themselves that they did it "for her".