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Men have no idea what they do to their wives when they act like this.

She’s gonna start developing a mysterious chronic and/or terminal illness if she doesn’t GTFO

The wife was joking because she knew the massage wouldn’t end in a happy ending

If he's talked to her about wanting "variety," she hates him already. He just doesn't know it.

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"sure go ahead" she knows he's trash &; doesn't want to fight about it.

Or she knows that massage therapists aren’t prostitutes and he wouldn’t be offered a happy ending.

Pure snark, like sure, ask her, let me know how it goes.

That’s how I read it. If my husband said anything like this (and it would be the first time) this would be my reply. And the last conversation we had.

Yeah I’m sure the massage therapist was suuuuuuuper comfortable with this conversation. 😳

That poor woman. If she just put her foot down and told this dude off, she would be seen as prudish and backwards.

Making words sound fancy doesn't change the nature of what they actually mean.

Would these men enjoy being lovingly carrassed by the internal organs of a tree deconstruction unit?