I don't understand the comic. If he's not a pedophile, why is he feeling called out by her book? 🤔

He's trying to claim that she makes false accusations against people for mildly inconveniencing her, basically exactly what TRAs do. The usual DARVO.

[–] VestalVirgin 19 points Edited

Spoiler: He is a pedophile. Only way this makes sense, really.

You mean the cartoonist not the character, right?

Because I don’t think this makes any sense at all unless you assume the creator is hyper defensive about the possibility of being called a pedo

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JK Rowling has said that her first draft was written before the onslaught of threats made against her, so I believe that it is just a coincidence.

But. BUT. IF. If she did draw inspiration from her own life, then it's a classic Small Penis Rule in action.

No sane person is going to come forward and claim they are the terrible, unflattering person in a book! 😂

Lol the TRAs are lining up to say “I’m the death threat issuing abusive pedophile in her book and I take it very personally also I didn’t read it and I’m not a pedophile how dare she.”