I don't understand the comic. If he's not a pedophile, why is he feeling called out by her book? 🤔

He's trying to claim that she makes false accusations against people for mildly inconveniencing her, basically exactly what TRAs do. The usual DARVO.

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Spoiler: He is a pedophile. Only way this makes sense, really.

You mean the cartoonist not the character, right?

Because I don’t think this makes any sense at all unless you assume the creator is hyper defensive about the possibility of being called a pedo

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JK Rowling has said that her first draft was written before the onslaught of threats made against her, so I believe that it is just a coincidence.

But. BUT. IF. If she did draw inspiration from her own life, then it's a classic Small Penis Rule in action.

No sane person is going to come forward and claim they are the terrible, unflattering person in a book! 😂

Lol the TRAs are lining up to say “I’m the death threat issuing abusive pedophile in her book and I take it very personally also I didn’t read it and I’m not a pedophile how dare she.”

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Lol, dude randomly spots the word "pedo" in a store window and immediately starts sweating bullets. Its like an unintentional Telltale Heart parody. Or is it? Maybe the author has a post history he's feeling guilty about?

JK Rowling:

This guy: I was just innocently standing there when she called me a pedophile for literally no reason! How dare she say I’m a pedophile. I’m not a pedophile. This is outrageous. Make her stop calling me a pedophile, because I’m not.

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Much better

Yeah, that is a more accurate portrayal.

The original is wrong - for one, TRAs didn't mess up Rowling's coffee order, they demanded that laws be changed (and succeeded in doing so) to that men can rape women in women's shelters and prisons, and perv on us in changing rooms and toilets.

And they never apologized for doing so.

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It would be funny if it was just random, but I feel like they’re trying to make a point and it doesn’t line up. JKR wasn’t personally wronged by a TIM as far as I know.

I dunno. I'd count TIMs posting pictures of their erections to twitter threads for her children's book, sending her rape and death threats, and posting pictures of themselves outside of her front gate being personally wronged.

But that was after she wrote the book with the crossdressing villain

Which was that? There was a book where it was speculated that the prime suspect, who was male, may have disguised himself as a woman a couple of brief times when spotted in public. The villain didn't turn out to be him, though.

I feel this kind of proves that you can draw the fugliest shit in the world, and it'll still be popular because it shat on [current popular pile on]. 40.8K likes and likely more by now on this garbage smdh

From what I read elsewhere her new book isn't even inspired by TRAs but by a fandom, possibly Steven Universe.

Well, from what I heard, in her new book, a woman is murdered by "fans". There's bound to be similarities.

I personally do wonder why they don't feel called out by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where everyone starts hating Harry because he speaks Parsel, and someone construed that to mean that he is the Heir of Slytherin. (They seem to finally have caught on to the fact that Rowling made her opinion on men in women's spaces clear in the scene where a boy who invaded a girl toilet murders a girl who caught him doing so)

Or why they don't realize that Dolores Umbridge is a representation of each and any TIM who tries to appear cutesy by surrounding himself with kittens, while actually being a violent dictator who fantasizes about torturing people. That whole Umbridge plot is such an accurate prediction of how the trans craze is playing out ... instead of Voldy being back, it's the patriarchy being back, but that's really the only difference.

Let's hope the Woman Who Was Not Cancelled will save us all, like Harry saved everyone in the book series.