The 5 sexualities 1. Black people 2. Brown people 3. People with a disorder of sexual development 4. Man 5. Nonbinary

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How does it not clue these woke assholes in that if your flag is COMMERCIALIZED to MAINSTREAM POPULATIONS by LARGE CORPORATIONS that it no longer means you are the oPPrEsSeD MiNoRiTy?! In fact, the fucking opposite!

When was the last time we had suffragette M&Ms?

You could say this about the pride flag and gay people though.

I miss the days before corporations started taking political stands en masse.

Corporations are not just taking political stands - they are shaping political agendas, including the gender identity agenda. This is the power of the World Economic Forum, what that hideous old man Klaus Schwab calls "stakeholder capitalism."

Not me. I just miss the days where their political stance matched mine.

I get what you're saying but companies are there to sell me toilet paper and cereal, not politics

I disagree. Companies have a lot of money and they need to use it to contribute to society in a positive way.

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“Hello, fellow teenagers! We here at Skittles®️ determined from market research that you’ll buy our acrid dyed sugar pills if we signal these colors/values. Please keep buying our crap. You are what you eat!”

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À propos of nothing, Smarties® are the one type of "acrid dyed sugar pill" (😂) in the States that actually deserve the shelf space—because, as the only major brand candy whose sugar is 100% dextrose (= d-glucose), they're identical to diabetic glucose tabs but without the exorbitant price tag of diabetic glucose tabs that are branded as diabetic glucose tabs.
Also nice is that each roll is a little north of 7 grams, so, exactly two rolls of Smarties® nails the default rule-of-thumb for immediate first-aid treatment of hypoglycemia ("15 grams, 15 minutes").

If the diabetic in question is sensitive to dyes, you can just pick out the undyed (off-white) ones, which are plentiful enough that you'll still come out waaaayyy ahead on price.

Lipsy is not affiliated with the Smarties Candy Company, Union, NJ 07083, and will receive no remuneration of any kind for this message.

I had no idea. I only know that if you put Smarties in front of me, I will eat All Of Them. And I'm not even big on candy in general.

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The backstory is, there's a Girl a few doors down who has type 1 diabetes plus certain types of neurovariance that predispose her to hyper-focusing on one thing for hours while kinda absent-mindedly neglecting most other things—which can be a pretty nasty combination when her insulin-dependent diabetes is one of the things that's in the "absent-mindedly neglected" bucket. So, there's a sort of informal network of neighbors/friends, myself included, who just kinda have her back. (Now that she's double digit years old, she's getting better at not being tooooootally la la la la [[fingers in ears]] until her blood sugar drops all the way to the ninth circle of hell.)

I also fostered a diabetic senior dog for a few months. Routine care is almost identical to the protocols for diabetic humans, so, 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm almost OverQualified™ at this point baha.
Diabetic pets even take human insulin, because it's biosimilar enough not to cause any major issues and it would just be ridiculously cost-prohibitive to institute a whole separate supply chain for any kind of pet insulin.

Fun Fact: Smarties are candy coated chocolate in Canada. Our version is called Rockets!

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Same here in Australia. They had a jingle “When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last? Do you suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast?”

Trivia: M&Ms were copied from them.

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reminds me of how arugula (the salad green) is called "rocket" in ... like... all the languages. I don't get it lol

I keep a bag of these acrid dyed sugar pills for blood sugar lows as per my diabetes educator’s advice and that’s exactly how she described them—sugar pills.

I wish that’s all they were. The additives and chemical dyes are tres mal.

I'm confused as to why you're being downvoted. The way people cape for these evil corporations is crazy. J&J just lost a lawsuit after it was proved they put known carcinogens in fcking baby powder. You don't think the rise of autoimmune issues, cancer, infertility, etc has anything to do with the gross things we consume? 🤔

Another year or two and there won't be any gay left on the gay pride flag.

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You think they'll be all done with the forced teaming in 1-2 years? I.... don't share that optimism

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Ok but purely from a design stand point that's ugly af. It has way too much going on with it. It looks like a unicorn threw up on the package.

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but are they iNtErSecTiOnaL enough to actually add pastel pink, powder blue, brown and black skittles inside the bag?

because if we're still Tasting the Rainbow® in the originalist, trad-RoyGBiv sense then that's some terfy-ass LGB shizz right there

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