The Collector's Edition (priced at around Β£300, depending on the store stocking it) sold out in just a few minutes. Cope and seethe, hyperbolic trans folx! :)

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"don't stab us in the back please!"

Do they not realize that their scrotey whining makes me want it even more 🀣

Funny how they don't feel betrayed whenever men cheat, don't manage their home, don't care about their children, jack off on porn.

It's so pathetic, too - no one is stabbing them in the back. Rowling does zero harm to them.

The "right" of theirs that is at stake is the "right" to rape women in spaces where women should be safe. Nothing more. They equate lack of access to vulnerable women to backstabbing.

It is so very disgusting.

β€œTW are more at risk from male violence, the small minority of women attacked is negligible compared to their oppression, I have studies” Fails to cite sources

Welp might have to accidentally buy multiple copies now, give them out to friends. I wonder how many lives I'll ruin by doing absolutely nothing to them except not giving them free money? ):

It might be petty but I imagine there's going to be an extra layer of enjoyment to playing this game just knowing that it pisses of a bunch of whiny men

Me, too.

Who would have imagined, twenty years ago, that sitting comfortably in a chair and playing a fun computer game would be an act more truly feminist than participating in a Women's Day March?

Certainly not I, but being a lazy couch potato, it kinda suits me.

(Though I am still very angry that TIMs have made womens' day all about them. And that my brief foray into feminist activism ended abruptly with a "feminist" of that group telling me that we should welcome TIMs into womens' shelters.)

Tomorrow, I am going to buy Rowling's new book. I plan to read it on a rainy day with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Armchair feminism at it's finest.

I don't even play video games but I want to buy it lol.

I'm not sure it would run on my computer, but it sure looks cool.

Grow magical plants ... <3

I want it.

Yeah, this is the only game I have ever been tempted to play in my life, and I’m old.

If you want to know if it runs on your computer, you can go to this website

If you click the "can you run it" button, it will read your computers specs and tell you if your computer meets the minimum and recommended requirements

I'm not attached to Harry Potter at all but, much like with Heartbeat and the Strike books, TRAs have me interested in this.

Same. The only games I play are board games but I’m tempted to buy it out of spite.

I don't even play video gases but I'm going to buy that fucking game just because I can

Jesus, I don't even like video games (except for Animal Crossing lol), but I am going to buy a copy of this when it comes out for Switch.

Dude looks like he's transitioning to 90s Marilyn Manson. Good luck to him!

Also, looks like I'm buying my first ever Harry Potter game. Better late than never.

The graphics are stunning. I showed my husband a preview yesterday, and even he was excited about it.

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