The fact that Non-binaries aren't allowed to acknowledge biological sex is proof that the trans agenda just really really wants to erase biology.

The non binaries are also in denial, they obviously have a sexual orientation and they know sex matters but somehow they're "non binary". It's a fascinating argument in which both sides are wrong

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At the risk of getting banned. I'm actually Non-binary. However:

reduction of nonbinary identity - disclaimer: (afab) nb lesbians can be terfs just like cis lesbians can! plenty of terfs claim that gender is fake/isn’t real and that they don’t have a gender (some even use terms like agender), however, they think that sex is what matters, and thus still view themselves as lesbians, align with terf ideology, and so forth. basically, reducing the importance of nonbinary identity to emphasize the “importance of sex” while also being nonbinary. watch for: “gender is fake, i’m a female” and other such phrases, generally identifying as genderless/not having a gender while also supporting radfem rhetoric

Besides the lesbian part, this describes me perfectly, and it was taken from a spot-a-TERF Tumblr post that I found here by the way. They're TERF labeling some of their own fucking people because some of us refuse to deny sex based oppression. Also I am against the dehumanizing language used on women that they claim benefits me.

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Why are you claiming to be a nonexistent, nonsense “identity” when all it boils down to is that you’re a woman (sex, material and immutable) and not a collection of enforced sex stereotypes?

"gender is fake, I'm a female" is accurate. But the word for a female human is a woman. Woman is a biological term, not a "gender identity"

Psst, transmisogyny isn't real because men don't experience misogyny. Also, telling they don't say that "AFABs" experience misogyny, isn't it?

Look, we're not real women the way they are, so why would we think we experience real misogyny? They're better at spinny skirts, contouring, and falsetto voices, of course they're better at attracting misogyny.


I mean if you think disclosing sex is not that important try going to the doctors and refusing to give that information. There are so many things that can go wrong especially if you are gravely ill.

Keep holding onto to your persona to keep the show going, I’m sure there won’t be any consequences. /s

God, I love to watch the woquesters in their circular firing squads.

“Class traitors” 🤡🤡🤡 They are all rich upper middle class anyway, exactly who are they betraying? People really want to be oppressed

I think the gender specials are trying to see themselves as a class the way women are a sex class. Trying for a marxist analysis and failing miserably.