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Observed female at birth = female*

Observed male at birth = male*

*very minute percentage of these babies will have Differences of Sexual Development that might classify them wrongly based on external genitalia**, but are still either male or female

**even smaller percentage of babies are born with ambiguous genitalia which need proper discerning via testing, but these babies are still either male or female depending on which gamete production their body supports. Large = female, small = male. Human hermaphrodites and sexless humans are fictional concepts and do not exist.

know inside you're not

A mental disorder that only makes you think/believe so. Your physical body is still only male or female, again, based on what gamete your body's blueprint is based on. Humans can't change sex, stay "cis".

This looks similar to the new curriculum in our school district.

There are national organizations that are working to standardize this curriculum for public schools in the whole country.

I don't understand how this kind of nonsense can be taught in schools! A statement like "knowing you're ___ inside" is a subjective state, not an objective one, so how is that something that can be taught as an actual part of any science class, assuming this is part of a sex ed curriculum? What happened to teaching the facts?

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I was assigned Coke at birth but on the inside I know I’m a Pepsi transcola

What misogynistic bullshit.

And it's being sold to children as "progressive".

You can’t be male and be a girl “inside” that makes no sense, “girl” only means “female”. It’s like saying you’re assigned 5 foot by tape measure but inside you know you’re 7 feet tall.

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Assigned human at birth + know inside you're actually a wolf = wolfgender

“On all levels except physical, I am a wolf”

(that guy is a TIM now)