A series about a girl named Harriet would have never been massively successful. A book by a woman named Joanne would never have gotten the same traction.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 3 points

but you have to actually leave your house to realize these things 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

I mean, I barely interact with other human beings outside my immediate circle. Eyes and a brain are plenty.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 2 points

Lmaooo. More precisely, you gotta leave the house at some point to build the basis for eventually understanding this stuff. 🤷🏾‍♀️ But you're right—this isn't the level of realization that would need TOO many trips outside.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 30 points

...and nary a blade of grass was touched

I need this cross-stitched on a pillow please lol

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 1 points

it's almost spooky that you'd mention specifically cross stitching, specifically on pillows... i'm sitting next to a pillow with "Fuck Around and Find Out" crocheted on it at this exact moment😳

[–] crodish 22 points Edited

The entire thread: people who don't understand how misogyny or cognitive dissonance works, in spades

Women: pretend to be men to avoid misogyny

Misogyny: hey omg it's actually a woman

Woman: yes, I'm female, the world just sucks and I was hoping to avoid it. I'm ready to be recognized as female now that you've found me out and because it's my reality

Misogyny: no you're not actually a woman, women can't do things like that

TIFs: pretend to be men to avoid misogyny

Misogyny: hey omg it's actually a woman

TIFs: no I'm not. Fuck women

Misogyny: well, you said fuck women, so we're going to honor your pronouns

TIFs: yas

Misogyny: you're still cool with being birthing parents and letting us fuck your boy pussy though?

TIFs: heck yeah

Misogyny: score

This what frustrates me the most. They display such a lack of understanding about misogyny that they can't even fathom that a woman would write under a male name without being trans.

[–] LonelyKindred Jaded Tomboy 19 points

This shit makes me mad.

How dare you, a woman, write a male character? It's not just "only x can write x", it's "x should ONLY write x" with wokes.

Imagine only writi;g about people who are just like you. How boring!

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 11 points

The other thing about their obsession with RePrEsEnTaTiOn that everybody should take a moment to notice is how it immediately establishes that, on some level, they KNOW that all their slogans are pure bullshit.

What I mean is—If they rlly believed that "TWAW" then of course TIMs would be adequately represented by any Woman, making 'representation' into a complete non-issue (other than in areas with significantly below-proportion Female representation overall).

that would make these clowns absolute transphobes. they send death threats to jk. isn't that transphobia? hahahah

The problem with the term "trans" is that by definition basically everybody is trans. "Some flavor of trans" just means "they don't 100% fulfill the social norms of their gender" so they're getting all this confirmation bias.

Honestly, most of the hatred against Rowling is that she's an incredibly successful woman that refuses to fall in line with the gender cult, despite their death and rape threats against her. Making up this bullshit head canon that she's secretly a TIF is just a way of coping with the fact that Rowling isn't intimidated by TRAs.

These people desperately need to be made fun of for their own good.

JK came out as trans and his name is now Jayden Kayden Rowling. Don't deadname him. He also decided that the character Voldemort is a trans woman (not out yet).

[–] shveya 12 points Edited

“It’s like the worst homophones being gay themselves”.
Yet they still can’t even cite what she said that they consider transphobic.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 1 points

It’s like the worst homophones being gay themselves

right? Just yesterday, "sweet" and "suite" got really wasted out partying with "know" and "no" and they went out and shot a bunch of gay dudes... Guuuurl 😳

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