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The Harry Potter books came out what, 20 years ago? But now they're racist and antisemitic. Funny how it wasn't until TRAs attacked that JK's books became so "problematic".

TRAs are trying to push the narrative that she invented goblins as an antisemitic caricature, as if they haven’t existed for centuries in folklore. And as for racism, I think they’re referring to Cho Chang’s name not being a plausible Chinese name. Although, in a world where wizards tend to have have all kinds wacky names, is it really that bad? I don’t know.

Yeah some Muppet said that to me. I posted him an old woodcut of a goblin from centuries ago.

I've seen people say that Cho can be an Anglicized version of common girls names from other dialects than Mandarin, that it is a first name in Korea and Japan, and even if it is 2 surnames, parents sometimes give a child the mother's maiden name as a 1st name.

It will never ever ever stop being hilarious to me that virtually every qweer person I’ve ever met has made Harry Potter fandom a fundamental load-bearing pillar of their personality. They don’t know who they are without the fanfics they’ve written, their House designation, their patronus quiz, and allll that sweet merch that screams their fandom allegiance to the world.

Now in 2022 you can’t throw a rock without hitting a dream collaboration. These brands do not care about the boycotts that won’t hurt their bottom line in the slightest; they don’t care to pat the good little woke soldiers on the head for choosing the “right side of history” over buying a new game or makeup palette they would have LOVED. JK Rowling certainly doesn’t care, she’s seen the face of this movement and it’s Dudley Dursley’s spoiled one, not the deserving bewilderment of the orphaned boy wizard she made the hero!

Their former Woke Mommy Supreme is not an outcast. They don’t have that power; some part of them realizes it and rages about their OWN rejection, the one that occasionally makes it into a JKR novel as an unflattering portrait of the sorts of people she is not concerned at all with impressing.

These collabs enrage them so much because she was SUPPOSED to just lay down and die for her crimes! She was supposed to go AWAY and leave their precious IP alone (because it’s THEIRS now, it must be to reconcile it with ethical consumption!) But nope, she had the gall to keep living and creating and ignoring their fits and tantrums. She showed them that they’re not special or chosen or powerful, just garden variety losers whose strongest outrages rival a wet taco fart as far as their range or influence goes. They’ve thrown EVERYTHING they have at her, and she just writes another enormous check to Ukraine, completely unruffled, because it turns out the spoiled crybullies who believe they’re bulletproof were never actually the fans Harry Potter was for.


I'm so sick of the "she's antisemitic, the goblins represent Jews!" shite. No, just no. They don't.

And I guarantee none of the people crowing about that are actually Jewish. I've never seen another Jew (except for a trans-identifying woman) say Harry Potter is antisemitic.

She hates LGBT and trans People!

Are they just making shit up now? What is their rationale for saying she hates LGB people?

Something about Lupin’s werewolf thing being a bad metaphor for AIDS and homosexuality. I read the books when I was a child, so I don’t remember what could possibly have lead TRAs to make that assumption in bad faith, but even if it can be interpreted that way, that was clearly not JK Rowling’s intent, she’s the furthest from a homophobe.

That's reaching even for TRAs. I can't believe people think she's homophobic. She even made Dumbledore gay back when it would have still been controversial.

Isn’t the second new collaboration in less than a week? (American Girl Dolls, too.)

None of these companies would be doing this if they didn’t already analyze the financial situation. It turns out that the $$$ power of the rest of her fans is so much greater.

Totally. Pottery Barn has had a successful collab with her for years. Corporations only care about profit. Not a good thing but does underscore that JK Rowling is not the evil public goblin Twitter wants her to be.

They also lost their shit over the American Girl doll line too. 🤣

Temptalia (one of the biggest makeup bloggers) posted on facebook about how she won’t be reviewing it and quite a few comments said they were unfollowing her over it.

While looking for pictures of the collection I saw the pallets Ulta made last year (?) are going for $50 on ebay lol.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Everyone in the makeup community is a huge handmaiden. I’m sick of it, all of my hobbies are full of handmaidens and TRA clownery. I try to ignore those people as much as I can, but I always end up having to unfollow everyone for the sake of my blood pressure. I wish I could live in an actual terf island.

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Temptalia is also like the only "beauty guru" who tries to stay out of drama and controversy, so that might be why.

I don’t know who Temptalia is, but her website came up when I searched for the palette and she has an entire slander article crying about the release. I don’t think she’s staying neutral.

This shit is so embarrassing. Like, it’s a makeup palette. No one is forced to buy it. These people act like an eyeshadow palette (or an American girl doll outfit) existing is the equivalent of a concentration camp. It must be so exhausting being this reactionary every day.

Basically she's one of the only cosmetics bloggers who posts accurate color swatches for everything, and has a website that allows you to cross-check palettes for similar colors, so she's saved a lot of people a lot of money over the years and people generally really like her... and I used to like just reading her written reviews because I hate youtube videos.

I've just gone to her site and read her post. She goes very in depth about what she believes of the the jkr controversy it's one of the longest blogs I've ever seen from her. Oh well. I think there are so many people who don't know what's really going on here and just want to "do the right thing"

I just saw that they added their payment for being able to do this collaboration. Meaning, they pre-apologized by letting us know that they've donated to a few LGB/T Centers, one specifically for Trans Lifeline (because of course), and sharing their charities and community focuses.

They've also added a link to the Los Angeles LGB/T Center that they're fundraising for as of today, because of course.

TRAs are screeching in the comments, so they had to generate a quick PR response. Fun fact, a big beauty guru lady blocked me because I called her out on her bullshit. For grown ass women who act so self-righteous and aggressive, handmaidens are really thin skinned.

The worst part? I don't even like Harry Potter. It was fun when I was a kid but I had other books I liked more and I quite soon turned into team 'Goddamn, read another book.'

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I can't see this palette on the Colourpop website right now - any chance they caved to TRA pressure?

EDIT: strike that, it goes live in 2 days.

Sorry, I can't be bothered to hear you over the sound of me buying the whole collection because it's pretty and it pisses you off.

Cry, cringe, and, cope.

I barely wear makeup anymore and I’m still thinking of buying this. Colorpop is a fairly affordable brand btw.

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