“Cis women are supposed to bear the brunt of misogyny as that is their purpose in life. I refuse to help ease the burden or address the men using these horrible phrases, but blame the victims for not doing enough to shield me from the perpetrators”

A TIM’s Frankensteinian, surgeon-created, cosmetic cavity is much closer to the derogatory “axe wound” (technically, scalpel wound) than a woman’s vagina which repeats itself in nature and has developed over millions of years of evolution…

But yeah we’re just the same. 😂 TIMs soooo badly want to be able to claim any kind of oppression women have ever experienced. But their fetishistic desires all tell on them: entitled male, male, male.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 23 points

Men heard the insult and were like hey thats interesting let’s give that a try and literally started cutting new holes into other men.

Interesting…hadn’t thought of it that way. Men have become so pornsick, first they became bored with vaginas so they moved on to women’s mouths, then they got bored of mouths so they moved onto women’s anuses, then they got so bored of women all together they decided to carve a new hole in a man and stick their dicks in that.

[–] crodish 14 points Edited

The fuck lmao when has "axe wound" EVER been used for "cis vaginas"???? These idiots think they've won just by turning their terms back on us but it just shows they have no fucking clue what they're even arguing about.

Also, I thought there was no difference between the two??? If women's genitals were really called "axe wounds" to begin with, wouldn't you fuckers be salivating all over at how affirming it makes you feel to have genitals mistaken for "cis" ones?? Make fucking sense!

Same reason why you refuse to call your literal front holes "front holes" when that's a term that "afabs" are more than happy to use! Does sex matter or not? Sure sounds like you pick and choose a lot!

[–] GenderHeretic 0 points Edited

Unfortunately, "axe wound" is an old term predating modern transgenderism that misogynists use for women's genitals to express their hatred of us. Like how "bleeder", which TRAs claim is a totally progressive term for women, is an old slur for women used by misogynists.

What I've never heard is women calling TIMs' pseudo-vaginas "axe wounds", even though they really are wounds, and SRS is butchery. It's such a disgusting term used by misogynists.

“Axe wound” has been used as slang (often by supposedly straight men, occasionally by misogynistic gay men) to describe how eeeeew grooosss vaginas are. 😂

Is it just a reference to them not knowing how periods work or

I've literally never heard this term used for anything but neovaginas

It’s supposed to imply that the penis is the “right” thing to have down there and female anatomy looks like a groin that has been sliced by an axe. (Violent AND misogynistic, so par for the course.)

In reality, without the genetic mutation of a Y chromosome, all life naturally develops into an XX female in the womb.

The Y chromosome hasn’t always been around. Life can and has existed without men. See parthenogenesis. More info on how the Y chromosome came to be here.

I have, unfortunately. The original use of the term, which has been around for a while, was for women's natural genitals.