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It’s not so long since these morons were complaining about JKR doing lunch with a group of lesbians.

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They also didn't hesitate to show their own homophobia and misogyny when JKR posted those lunch photos. So many of them commenting how the lesbians look "like men" and how trans women are "more woman than them". Yet they claim JKR is the homophobic one. At least JKR accepts butch lesbians as 100% women instead of comparing them to men based on their appearance

The comments in the screenshot are from 9 months ago but I recall she had LGB friends way earlier than that, so the latest picture where she hangs out with a group of TERFs including lesbians surely isn't the first time TRAs were made aware of the fact that she's in fact an ally to gay people. But that doesn't matter, these are the same people who think real lesbians don't exist because if a woman doesn't like dick then she's just a bigot.

Half the time TERF= LGB, and het= TRA but facts don’t matter

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I had no idea that she had come out. So many people just know her as Petunia Dursley (not that she wasn't fantastic in that role) but she is such a powerful actress. I was fortunate to see her in Beckett's Happy Days, a one woman show performed buried up to her waist in a post apocalyptic dystopia. It's a "comedy". She was brilliant.

I've only ever seen her/heard of her in Killing Eve, where she was fantastic--wonderful and (up to a point!) aspirational character. I'm really thrilled to find out she's badass IRL as well.

The marriage situation is interesting. I wonder if it was always "lavender" or whether they separately rethought their sexualities during their years together?

I can imagine a gay man and woman marrying for family reasons back in the times when they wouldn't reasonably expect to have a same sex marriage and kids. Which were not so long ago.

I like her face. She does awkward really well. Oh, and Petunia got her wish of being a witch in True Blood as Marni lol. It took me until today, after seeing her in non-Petunia clothing to realize it was her!

I'm glad she's out there living her best life.

Ok, I just have to plug Persuasion (1995). She plays Mrs. Croft and she's great! The whole cast is, really.

I need to see that , thank you for the recommendation! I’ve only ever seen her in Harry Potter