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There's a documentary about fiber artists, and one of the artists complains about exactly this, men being praised for doing the most basic thing possible even while fiber arts are largely dismissed as a "women's craft".

So he learned the most basic stitch possible in crochet. Big whoop. I could make friendship bracelets more complicated than that when I was in grade school.

It reminds me when men post pictures on Reddit of their young daughter’s scruffy, nasty looking braided hair and the title is “dad just did her hair for the first time!!” It gets a million upvotes and praise, whereas if a woman had posted she would just be laughed at for sending her kid to school looking so unkempt.

This reminds me of the “boys sew too” movement taking over the sewing community. It’s a needlessly aggressive slogan, and while it’s fine to encourage boys and men to sew, it feels unfair when as soon as any male shows interest they are encouraged and prioritised anyway. The highest paid fashion designers are men. They don’t need to act as if they are being turned away from the craft. I am sick of magazines, podcasts and websites filling up page after page with this and “queer representation”. When one of these morons was interviewed, he said sewing machine companies should stop naming products after girls, like Bernina - it’s named after a mountain range 🤦‍♀️

My sewing machine is a Brother. Sure sounds like that was named after a woman!

Yep! Or Janome, which means snake’s eye, referring to the bobbin design

Singer sewing machines: named after Isaac Singer, the manufacturer

I’m actually struggling to think of any machines with girls names - the individual machines usually just have numbers like S6530 or something

He can get back to me when he can freehand crochet a dress with a zipper, buttons, clips, and a lining. With no pattern, no clue how to make what he wants but knowing he wants it, and several color changes in there.

I did that. It took me three months. But sure, I'm Amazed and Astounded! He made a chain!

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Thank you for the link, I will check it out when I can. I'm convinced this post has to be some kind of huge joke. I just genuinely cannot believe that there are thousands of willing redditors out there excited to scream to the rooftops about how brave and talented this individual is, and that someone is married to that person and has the audacity to refer to them as their "wife" without cringing into oblivion. It's just such nonsense, nobody can truly believe that's a woman, and this is nothing worthy of even posting about beyond maybe a 2 second text to their mom "Look at what I made". I don't know why anyone goes along with this. Ugh.

I’m in a Facebook group with them, they’re for real. Sadly. It also has created so much fucking drama. Everywhere they go they just bring drama. I can’t even enjoy crochet groups in peace. Now I get to read posts about how I’m an evil person for not believing men are women, and how I should just fuck off. I consider myself to be a fairly talented fiber artist and I just can’t even express how angry this shit makes me.

It also has created so much fucking drama. Everywhere they go they just bring drama.

And frankly, this can apply to both standard men as well as TIM men. Men, no matter how much they might deny it, LOVE them some drama and surround themselves with it at every opportunity.

I think it’s probably a bunch of males who have no clue how embarrassing this is

It's a fantastic documentary, I strongly recommend it for the sheer amount of female camaraderie that's in the film.

Look on the bright side. It could have been finger knitting.

This sounds like the start of a very funny troll experiment. “How simple of a skill can a man perform and still get applause?”

Sewing on a button? Threading a needle?

This was how I taught my youngest to knit! When he was like six or something ...

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Ugh I’m in a Facebook group with this woman and her husband and there’s been 500 trans posts a day about terfs and making ugly trans crochet items and “leave if you don’t believe trans women are women”

I’m so fucking sick of it. I’m here to crochet, talk about crochet, look at crochet, not talk about trans people and how we have to be nice to them or they die :( I seriously just want to scream and scream and scream in pure, unadulterated rage.

Just shut the fuck up already.

Lmao if there's a decent range of women on there, odds are that a bunch of women have silently peaked. It's never enough to be included, TIMs have to be centered at all times. That wears thin, even if people don't want to admit it.

Letting these assholes free-range with minimal interference is the best way to get anyone not dyed-in-the-wool TRA to peak. After all, most of us got here by listening to transwomen.

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If you block them (can you do that on Facebook?) would it cut back on those types of posts? Or would it somehow out you as a TERF? (Edit: sorry I don’t have a Facebook and I’m just wondering how this stuff gets so entrenched and becomes such an energy suck)

Imagine going to a hairstyling forum and wanting praise because you washed your hair once or a cooking forum because you preheated your oven. Or a writing forum to show off the lovely first three words of a story you wrote.

I love fiber arts and I believe in encouraging people to take them up, but we all know why this was posted. Sensible people post first projects--even progress on a first project--or ask technical questions. This is pure "look at me!!!!!!" Especially since there's 0 reason to post a photo of the dude. There's no reason to even reveal the sex or "identity" of the maker. But there it is--because otherwise they won't get the attention.

It's weird how they say "trans women are women" but they can't just say "my wife made this" like what somebody would say if they were an actual woman. "My wife (cis) made this" isn't a thing people say.

Extreme mediocrity is celebrated on Reddit. A lot of people in the writing subs don’t share any words of stories, just 4th grade level pencil sketches and hazy descriptions of the first book of their ePiC fAnTaSy sErIeS.

I made my first chain stitch at age 6

my nana (now deceased) did volunteering education assistant work in the 70s and learnt to crochet and knit left handed to teach a left handed girl who otherwise would never have learnt crochet. the woman still remembers it to this day.

Interesting, because I'm actually left handed myself but learned to chrochet and knit 'normally'

But that's quite impressive, that your nana learnt to do it left handed!

thank you, my nana was the best! i can't imagine being left handed and living in a "right handed world". my mum is a teacher and she gets so angry when other teachers don't know that there are left handed scissors. she has kids come to her class and they can't cut things out, or refuse to because they've never been given a pair of left handed scissors and they've had bad experiences. i can't imagine what it was like 100 years ago.

The bar for men is so low.

I've seen this so often in crafty circles. A man joins (not even a TIM necessarily) and the women are all over how great he is for doing the most basic, tacky projects.

I wish it worked the other way. I'm pretty good at video games but only get harassed because of it.

Why even clarify that your "wife" is trans?

Ohhh yeahhh because otherwise he would get picked on his appearance!

Don't worry folks, it is not an ugly woman, it is just a man who believes he's a woman!

What are you saying? No, NO, you don't mock a loon's appearance if he's trans!

Say with me folks, say with me: "you are stunning and brave madam"

Why even clarify that your "wife" is trans?

Because how else will the internet know how amazing, inclusive, and queer you are and that you deserve all of the fake internet points?

Hopefully this flair is correct. I was on Reddit trying to distract myself from IRL struggles and instead just became filled with rage. I'm so sick of this shit. This disgusting slob of a man is not and will never be a woman and making one little five minute chain stitch isn't something to be applauded and rewarded, literally just a delusional grown adult man doing the bare minimum and getting applauded for it by the thousands.

Right? I crochet entire items while doing my job (which doesn’t always require my hands), while following patterns and counting and doing complex things, but this guy chained 15 stitches and should be praised.

a fucking chain stitch gets praise if it comes from a TIM. totally the most oppressed group in society

Omg so ✨random✨!

I, too, was very proud of my small children when I taught them how to chain.

Because I am very petty, I want to know if he is doing it properly or holding the hook with one hand and manually picking the bottom loop over the hook. There’s always that one person who swears “no, this way works easier for me, so I’m gonna keep doing it!” “But listen if you don’t learn now it’s going to come back to bite you if…” “LOL NOPE IT’S EASIER FOR MEEEEEEE THIS WAY” “Look just trust me, you…” “La la laaaaaaa”

You mean like using the other hand to “throw” the yarn around the hook the way some people (me lol) do with knitting?

I was taught to crochet using “the throw” lol. I didn’t even know there was another way until I started engaging with the Crochet Internet 😂 Still trying to train my brain to do it the correct way, it looks so much easier.

I’m stuck doing it with knitting and have tried unsuccessfully to learn without it. It takes forever and is hard on the fingers!! Guess we need to keep trying

I don’t knit, so I can’t judge! 😆

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Ah no, this is crochet. There’s no wrong way to throw or wrap in knitting if it suits you and gets the result you want.

Proud on every level

That's so depressing 😭 is he a 5yo boy? Or is his bar this low?

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