Nothing makes me feel so feminine like shaving my own back, chest, and testicles! Oh wait... 🤣

"There are certain situations in my life where I have to present as male"

Must be nice to have male privilege in your back pocket that you can pull out whenever needed. Such oppression!

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 29 points

I know some guys who get their entire body waxed.

I also DGAF walking around with my legs unshaven in shorts.... Point?


And also also, oh, you can be in boymode??? How convenient!? We women don't have thay privilege, so shove it.

Yes, they all mostly dress like little girls for a reason 🤢

It's literally just sexist stereotypes all the way down. How is their cognitive dissonance so strong that they can associate a shaved body with being a woman, but insist it's the terfs that are actually sexist?

I really can’t stand men.

To be fair it's sexist to assume they are all like this dude.

Here's your thousandth reminder of Not All Men everyone 🤡

The reminder was needed because it really sounded you were ignoring it. Buddy, I hate all forms of sexism. ALL. If you hate sexism so much since you know how awful it is, then why do you want to use it too? Do you complain about sexism because you hate it - or because you want to be the one doing it?

[–] Zamiel 14 points Edited

Well for the longest time, I wasn’t sure if I was trans, or if I just liked to wear women’s clothes like a costume.

Nowadays I realize I am indeed female on the inside.

"I had a small smidgen of self-awareness left, but nowadays I'm a full-fledged sexist 🥰"


I’m into Victorian style women’s clothes and underwear for two reasons, 1. I like the style, 2. It helps me pass better by hiding my masculine traits. I like to wear sweaters with high necks to hide my Adam’s apple, long skirts, petticoats, stockings, bloomers, ankle boots, and even a bonnet now and then.

there's a fucking mental image

edit: aaaand he has a bloomer fetish. Complete with pornographic bloomer fantasies about 13-year old cartoon characters.

Ah, yes - getting ready for work in the morning just like a real girl. Now where are my petticoats?!

Omg he's literally that "I'm a lady!!!" character from Little Britain or whatever that show was.

Yes! Emily Howard 😂 I didn't even think of that, so spot-on

[–] Fluffy_gender 23 points Edited

And women's body hair is still different from men's body hair. Even if we're comparing a hairy woman with a man that's not very hairy. The hair structure is different, the skin is different, everything is different. A man with shaved body hair is still a man and his hair underneath is still men's hair

[–] naiiad-bee 5 points Edited

Not to get too TMI, but after taking testosterone I grew body hair in more places (though I've always been hairy, got it from my Moms side! (and the complexes too...)) but even the pattern in the same places is different. Like chest and stomach hair, for example. Or even back hair. The very pattern of the placement of the follicles, even in the same place, is different...

Also I just have to laugh at this dude, "my women's clothing just fits better" I don't shave anything and I notice I feel much more comfortable doing that in my "women's" clothes, but I hope this guy enjoys his ingrown hairs and BO lol. I won't be crying for him...

Why is he shaving his girlhair? I thought every part of a TIM's body was "literally female".

Feminists have worked for fucking decades to try to break down the stereotypical role of a woman and the concentration of beauty and yet now all being a woman is is uhhhhh no body hair and also makeup

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