If someone said that to my face I am not sure I could keep myself from slugging them in their mouth.

The audacity of these people.

Unbelievably, one of them somehow has even more audacity. He screenshotted your comment here, ignored the actual post and used your comment as an example of "TERF violence" without the context on gender cynical. He said the context was in response to a reddit post asking people to use gender neutral language but nothing more


[–] Alceriniel 6 points Edited

I genuinely and absolutely don't care. Let these males seethe.

The fact that they have to cope so hard and outright lie about actual feminists just shows how pathetic and desperate they are. Feel free to use this as an example of how trans activists just flat out lie. Every time they do something like this they just make themselves look even more foolish.

Your comment is over on gendercynical with no context, and then they lied about the context when challenged.

I 100% am not surprised.

These ideologues can't stand being challenged on the merits of the actual hatred they spew, so they instead choose to lie about any pushback they receive and pretend it is transphobia instead of well deserved rage at their misogynist and racist idiocy.

Similarly, lots of the "boys" in Afghanistan may actually be trans girls or nonbinary and, although they may be allowed to go to school, they aren't allowed to be themselves and are forced to live in the closet as someone they are not which is just as sad.

I'm playing a violin so small you need an electron microscope to see it

Are there though? Are there REALLY TIMs in Afghanistan?

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They are gay. Being gay is punishable by death in Afghanistan. As I understand it, the country encourages any gay people to transition.

Their comments are out of touch in so many dimensions.

Remember the feminine nature is weak, soft, delicate, trustful and adaptable.

I'm taking notes here but I'm concerned as I'm not delicate or trustful. Am I a boy now..?

I kinda like my penis too but also really want a vagina

Very lady like!

It does sound like he is a trans girl because he wants to have boobs and he likes being called a girl. These things are not the behaviour of a feminine boy

For many reasons, I'm starting to suspect this person doesn't know what a fetish is.

"I'm sad because some TIMs are being forcibly educated against their wills when instead they should be being denied an education and made to wear niqab and only go out with AMAB family members who explicitly identify as masculine or male or man or somewhere on the boy-leaning spectrum but not AFAB family members who identify as masculine for reasons."

See how stupid you sound??? Stop it.

These people are just so selfish...everything, even women and girls suffering in Afghanistan has to be about them.

This is so tone deaf. More than usual from this crowd. They're deplorable.

[–] Hera 26 points

Wow this take is so fucking dumb that it gave me stage 4 brain cancer.

Dude who wrote it should do the world a favor and, like, shut his trap and never speak again.

Please please tell me everyone told him to jump in a volcano.

I WISH one of these mfers said something like this to my face. I WISH.

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