I feel genuinely sickened looking at this. This is likely a self portrait of the artist. Her mastectomy is so horribly botched. And again with that bullshit raised arms with armpit hair crap that EVERY TIF does to show how manly they are now. It's literally glorifying multilation. Adding flowers and happy colors to something wrong doesn't make it right.

And like you said - why is she only learning to love and accept herself AFTER she got a botched surgery? Couldn't she have applied that body positivity and acceptance to her completely HEALTHY AND NORMAL body before this? Why do they only take "love yourself as you are" only after they've already damaged themselves like this? It would be a different story if this was someone who detransitioned and was coming to terms with what they'd done to themselves, but this TIF is still very much in the fantasy that she's a man and that her "man body" is fine. It's still embracing a delusion, and worse, promoting it to others that this is okay. Fucking society6 sells merchandise so this is likely a sticker or on multiple medias

Even the drawing of her fantasy self still looks like a woman.

It’s a type of silly pose (one of many) that so many artists use for female characters because they’ve been swimming in the sexualization waters so long they don’t realize they’re doing it. As an artist it’s why I love the Hawkeye Initiative, and that amazing game footage where they switch the animations of Batman and Catwoman to emphasize the ridiculous ways female characters look, pose and move.

I have a feeling it ties in to the whole "pretty boy" bullshit too, even though this is not the usual type of it (it's normally anime or kpop boy bands). There was an era where tumblr girls were making men from the avengers and stuff all "soft uwu" and putting stupid flower crowns on them and all that crap. Sigh fucking tumblr culture is a goddamned curse

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 21 points

Every generation has its cringe fads, but zoomers take the cake: Ugly tumblr art, self-mutilated bodies, and actual loss of women's rights.

Not to defend zoomers but this shit was started in 2014 tumblr era by teenage millennials. Zoomers have just picked up what they started :/

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 3 points

This gender madness is definitely going to be remembered as a Gen Z movement even if some 30+ year old brony graduates helped perpetuate it.

When I was a teen, MySpace, LiveJournal, and Geocites was where millennial teen girls hung out. And even when I was apart of the yaoi fandom, transgenderism was unheard of at the time. I was in my thirties when Tumblr got popular, and I have nothing in common with the TikTok generation.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 15 points

What’s positive about being a mutilated, self-hating, and to cap it all, unhealthily overweight looking woman?

[–] no- 10 points

Imagine if Eugenia Cooney (a severely anorexic influencer) fanart got rebranded as body positivity.

In this piece, we can tell the artist was at the height of her mental illness. Initially, the viewer may feel this image invokes feelings of liberation and transformation. However, the scars show the artist has decided to mutilate herself and take hallucinogenic drugs, as opposed to finding what caused the thought process that lead her down the road to mutilating her body. After all, she is the same woman inside. Mutilating her body does not change her persona and she will never live up to the idealised version of masculinity she has elected to act out until the drugs wear off and the material reality of the physical and psychological cost of attempting nullifying her sexed body sets in.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 13 points

What I hate about this is that if I had the same type of art of the same woman’s unmodified female body that is considered evil and fascist. Only a female body trying to approximate the shape of a male body is allowed to be symbolic or venerated. How do they not see the misogyny

Au contraire. A female body IS allowed but it mustn't be white. It should preferably be fat also, and visibly disabled. None of these are ever old either, despite their supposed aim to counter the dominant narrative.

Lol. I wish I could draw. They'd hate my hairy legged, unmodified radfem body.

Sometimes they draw leg stubble, but I’ve never seen actual hairy legs and arms.

Yeah, post-modernism is about provocatively refusing the aesthetical canons of beauty, and proudly showing how ugly and messed up you are (instead of, you know, trying to look better). So there's this trend of so-called artists drawing how ugly they are in a in-your-face, aggressive "dare to tell me I'm ugly, come on, dare it" power move.

Well yeah, sorry, you ARE fugly.

Two extremes don't make a right. Forcing beauty standards on people who can't achieve them is bad, but forcing the opposite of beauty standards and demanding we accept it is bad too.

Reminds me of how the people who most intensely share/create "positive" posts/art etc with (sorry) mostly cliched, bland phrases, are the ones most likely to be feeling depressed, unmotivated, pessimistic etc. It's a shield and projection.

Yes. They need to see those phrases because they don’t already feel that way.

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