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The preddit op hitting the nail on the head that the rest of the TIMS and TRAS refuse to look at:

Transsexual Woman[S] 8 points 7 hours ago

Biological sex exists. It makes us look delusional when we deny it. It just serves to feed the argument that we're people with a delusional mental disorder and should be prescribes antipsychotics instead of estrogen. So we have to live in reality if we ever want people to support us.

I am over all of them. My only support is for dismantling the entire trans delusional disorder network and all of the hell that they have wrought for women and children.

[–] no- [OP] 2 points Edited

Assuming “gender dysphoria” is a medical condition distinguishable from a fetish, and that the only treatment is hormones and surgeries, or even if it’s not, trans people should have the right to bodily autonomy, which would enable them to get any body modifications they want. Assuming all of that, there’s still no reason to give them the right privilege to change their birth certificates and be considered the opposite sex in any capacity. That’s where the line should be drawn, in my opinion.

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We never thought someone would want to steal our movement or that they even could. If you would have explained this to the community ten years ago, you would have been accused of using the slippery slope fallacy. It turns out that that's not always a fallacy, and we were not prepared.

As a lesbian, I could have written this paragraph. Twenty-some years ago, we thought we were being kind to the poor downtrodden T’s. We thought their struggle was like our own.

How dumb we were.

Good thread. It's telling that many trans people who transitioned before 2015 can see the changes that have happened and don't regard them as positive.

Unfortunately, their voices are drowned out by the radical TRAs and they get attacked within their own community for trying to appeal to any standard of reason or moderation.

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This comment and OP's reply:

The simple answer is that it's impossible to know the hearts and minds of others, so we have to take them at their word regarding identity. Take two trans women: the first transitioned young with extreme dysphoria but ended up deciding not to have SRS. The other is older, wealthy and kinda masculine but got the surgery. There is no objective way to determine which of these two is a "real woman." But, both should absolutely be allowed to use the ladies toilet.

I think they should use the toilet of what they pass as, to be respectful to the people around them. Both these people in this hypothetical medically transitioned in some capacity tho, even if it wasn't SRS. That's different from bearded Alex Drummond saying he's a lady and should be in the ladies' (he shouldn't be).

It's like listening to literal colonizers dividing the spoils between them about whom amongst the colonizers gets access to the colonized space, and who doesn't. The natives of the colonized space have no say in it just like in the "good old days".

I think they should use the toilet of what they pass as

Bad strategy considering that most TIMs overestimate how well they “pass”.

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Oh wow so you can talk about it on Reddit as long as you are…checks notes… a man

Not always. Reddit hates people talking about it. Our debate sub got banned even though we had two trans moderators and a ton of trans participation.

[–] Elle 10 points Edited

Based TIM?! OP says he has medically diagnosed gender dysphoria and so he wants to transition, but acknowledges he has no idea what it means to "be a woman", plus he knows he is still a male and therefore does not enter women's spaces, including toilets, because he knows he will make them uncomfortable. Kudos!

I wish all Ts were like that. Many old school transsexuals probably are. I still think it's womanface and a caricature of our sex, but I would be willing to be much more compassionate towards someone with a legit medical condition expressing their discomfort but not causing any to women and girls. Unfortunately for them, as OP says, the majority of their movement is now comprised of screeching, reality-denying living parodies

ETA: OP also appears to be active in anti porn and anti kink communities, and with a feminist perspective, not with a "my pp soft" driven mentality. He is also attracted to men, he's not a "transbian", and even claims to be a radical feminist in his profile!

There’s no such thing as a male radical feminist, but he can be an ally, I guess.

[–] crodish 8 points Edited

He's not a radical feminist, can't be, and never will be, because he's male. He's an ally at best and a very questionable one at that. How can he be an ally to the sex class he's still trying to impersonate?

What the hell makes him a "transwoman" then? He seems to be literally what we want all trans-identified people to do - to acknowledge their biological sex and gtfo women's spaces. That still doesn't make him any kind of a woman, just a man with dysphoria who respects women's rights to their single sexed spaces.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 15 points

His mistake is thinking it was ever lovely. This is what it was always aiming for.

I have a colleague who is a transsexual. a person that I met as a woman, never had any thoughts or concerns otherwise, who I will refer to as she out of respect for both our friendship and her privacy.

after several years of knowing my friend, we were sitting on my porch having an adult beverage and talking about tying flies for fly fishing and she blurted out, "as a transsexual" and proceeded to tell me almost the same thing that this redditor posted. I had no idea because honestly, the tra had not yet come to our tiny quiet part of the world. I just thought my friend was a tall woman. honestly it wasn't even something I ever thought about. and it never would have been.

she said she just wants to live in peace and be left alone to her job and her fishing. I've never known her to be active in the alphabet community and I think I may be the only person in our professional circle who knows. she's really a great person. and I don't know why she chose to live as a woman instead of as a man, but she is originally from a culture with some very regressive gender roles and she agrees that may have been part of it.

i often think of her when these things come up. and I think everyone in reasonable society was prepared for an adult who transitioned and just went about their life. but I don't even think that transsexuals were prepared for what has happened with the transgender movement.

A few years, when TIMs were rare, I'd feel pity when I saw one and would smile encouragingly at them the one or two times I saw one.

Then one day while working, I saw a man in a wig brutally beating a woman up on the street. I remember my utter horror and breaking up the fight and his strength. I remember the TIM staring angrily at me without breaking contact for over half an hour while I was 8 months pregnant on a bus. I see their posts on MTF talking about how they feel so dumb and airheaded and can't drive since taking hormones. I have no compassion left for any of them. I hope your friend, whoever and wherever he is, lives a peaceful life without terrorizing women, but I will not stand up for people like him anymore.

I can't blame you. and I don't think my friend would either. he's running away from men and I'll probably never know exactly why but I can hazard a guess. :(