Ugh. Seems like we’re getting rant-y posts from that garbage subreddit every other day now. “Does this include twanswimmen?” “Don’t forget the twans!” “Reminder that twans is valid and are real lesbians too!” They spend so much time navel (penis?) gazing that there isn’t anything remotely “lesbian” about that sub anymore. Exhausting.

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“Gentle reminder”…more like hourly verbal assault.

There's some gold star, political lesbian, prioritizing-hating-men-over-loving-women fuckery going on here and transphobia is just one symptom of it.

This TIM can fuck all the way off. You are a whole-ass man and have no business chiding lesbians over their so called miSaNdRy, you MRA asswipe. You’re just another pornsick straight male thinking lesbians don’t like dick only because they haven’t seen your oh so special baby carrot yet.

I’m not lesbian, but I would guess that being lesbian will be “political” as long as homophobes and misogynists continue to insist that women being exclusively attracted to women is unnatural, unacceptable, and an illegitimate sexual orientation because it makes men feel bad and “left out” or by definition cannot involve a woman “submitting” to a man (socially or sexually) and doesn’t revolve around dick.

Btw, the sick fuck who made the above comment is rattling on about his amazing new boobs and female orgasms and how “trans female puberty” is amazing. 🤮

how can you possibly have any kind of intellectual life when you've got to keep track of what you "are" per some of the comments e.g. "demiromantic, bi, ace, and nonbinary/transmasc"; "bi/pan, aro/ace, non-binary, or just not all the way out of the closet;"

It's gotta get exhausting.

They have nothing else to do because mom and dad pay all their bills and they don't have to work.

Shout-out to the women wading through that gross sub and downvoting 🤣

The obliviousness of telling the actual lesbians on r/actuallesbians to 'go somewhere else'....

They can’t go somewhere else because the men will follow them there. And if they complain or say they don’t like dick, they’ll get banned.

Isn't that how the world works in general? Men treating women like shit, women complaining, men negging back and telling women they can go elsewhere because men don't actually need women, women going away and men following them anyway. And the cycle continues. Scrotes need to stop deluding themselves that women need men as much as they need women.

">Then why are you even trans? Because I'm too dysphoric to stop. I don't use female spaces because I don't pass yet and don't want to make women uncomfortable. I actually give a shit about other people and don't expect them to kowtow to my poor gender feels. I want to be a woman so bad but if it makes other people uncomfortable then I should just deal with it and stop."

Amen to that!

Everyone in the comment section sounds so middle aged...the Reddit userbase is getting old asf