“Former conservative” very interesting 🤔. These munchie mom TRAs, a lot of them are “former” conservatives or Bible thumpers, like the infamous Susie Green.

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Kai Shappley's mother, too.

She's the one who tried to beat the femininity out of her toddler before transitioning him.

A conservative parent who was so homophobic turning a child they feared was gay into the opposite sex was the only option they could comprehend, but then they realized most conservative homophobes are also anti-trans, so they had to leave the club.

The fact she is a former conservative tells us so much. Conservatives see women and men in strict stereotypical roles, and many (I'm talking US here btw) are deeply homophobic and fear a boy playing with dolls will grow up gay and that would be awful in their minds. OF COURSE, that is why she thought her boy must be a girl, because 'real boys don't like pink'.

Reminds me of that other mom of the TiM who testified before Congress, she has "Mrs." written in her bio. I think there's a deep conservative thinking behind many of the trans children.

Kids who get SM too young develop an unhealthy dependence on it and struggle to manage their use appropriately. It's not good for them, and calling a lack of social media "child abuse" is absolutely ignorant. I'd call it the opposite, frankly. If you allow your child unfettered access to social media, and especially before they're of age, you're a neglectful parent.





Link to the post of the desister girl's mom

Debi now celebrates that Kiwifarms was taken down because they apparently talked about her grooming lengthily and also doxxed them (which I don't condone). She raves her child is finally free and will become happy again.

Edit: here's an article from 2020 I just read. https://www.popsugar.co.uk/parenting/mom-on-her-daughter-be-trans-activist-on-her-own-terms-48004544/amp

So this boy was bullied for being feminine since he was a toddler and became very depressed. But after his parents took him to a gender therapist and started calling him a girl he got better and didn't talk about death anymore. And his sexist pos of a mother thinks that this improvement surely proves he's a girl trapped in a boy's body. Because that's somehow more logical than the obvious, that he's just a normal boy who's traumatised by being bullied for what society considers to be "gender-nonconformity". This is literally just another case of parents transing the kid because he played with the wrong toy.

"She was connecting with girls. She was trying to find ways to act like the other girls in her class, but she was getting messages from other people that wasn't OK," Debi continued, noting that her daughter was just trying to be her authentic self. "That's where the depression and anger and anxiety were coming from. Just before Christmas, she was picking out toys in a catalog and circled all the ones that were for girls, and then said, 'You can't tell Santa, he'll think that I'm a bad kid, and then he'll skip our house, and my brother won't get anything.'"

It looks like Avery himself may be in the process of detransitioning. He's 14 now, and the latest article I was able to find from March referred to him as non-binary and used "they" pronouns.


So he's a trans girl no longer?

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This little prick whining that he shouldn't be asked about his genitals by females but should be allowed to use female spaces if he so wishes.

Male entitlement starts mighty young. Especially when you teach them from toddler age that "girl" is something they can just be if they want to, because that is their right as males.

I can't blame him, though. He's 14 and a victim of child transition. He's been affirmed in this "girl" identity for the vast majority of his life. He has no frame of reference to conceive of himself as non-transgender or as the boy that he actually is.

"Hindsight is 2020, and for years we've talked about how, at 4, she was able to tell us that she's a girl, but when you go back through pictures and videos, and holiday memories and things, we realized that she was 3 when she started showing gender-nonconforming behavior," Debi told POPSUGAR.

"Once we switched pronouns and said, 'You're a girl and our daughter,' everything changed," Debi said. "It all went away. She was happy. She wanted to go to school. She wanted to be out, playing again. That was what told us that we had made the right decision."


He was 4 years old when they transitioned him. The fact that he has actually pulled back somewhat on his own is shocking to me. You'd better believe his mother isn't happy about it.

Nah he just probably learned identifying as non-binary trans feminine is now cooler and jumped on the trend.

Amazing how they are attacking that lawmaker for asking about a child's genitals as if she was the inappropriate one and not the people who want to mutilate said child's genitals and let him invade women's spaces. Not that there was a need for asking if he's gonna go ahead with "the procedure", having his penis inverted wouldn't justify him using women's facilities.

It's hard for me to see it as anything other than a rebellion (however slight) against what his mother has forced him into.

Remember she was trotting Avery out in front of the camera for years announcing to the world that he was a real and true girl. He was also clearly unhappy in the Transhood documentary from a few years ago.


I really hope he gets the hell away from his abusive mother.

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Never mind the fact that genitals are indeed central to the argument at hand in that they are reflective of an individual’s sex in 99%+ of people. Ffs.

How do you doxx someone who posts everything to social media?

Does docxing just mean not letting her completely control the narrative?

Also is this the kid who said she ruined his life?

Yeah, I don't know how doxxing works if you've allowed your child's photos to be put in a globally distributed magazine...

The child looks like a boy. This will only get clearer as he gets older.

Most preteens pass somewhat well, at least to the untrained eye. Avery doesn't pass at all. He just looks like a boy with long hair. It doesn't help that he also has a deep voice for a child.

I wonder if he has been medicalized. I listened to his court testimony from March and honestly can't tell. If he hasn't been puberty blocked or put on estrogen, his voice should have started changing by now.

If being trans is an innate part of who you are, why do kids need to be informed about it?

Congrats to that first mom for saving her daughter from the cult. I wish them happiness

The GC mom was interviewed in Abigail Shriers book iirc. There is nothing abusive about taking away electronics. Parents do it as punishment for bad behavior all the time.

Didn't she beat her son because he was effeminate? Wut

No, that was Kai Shappley's mother who beat her toddler son.

Avery Jackson's mother is hardly much better, though.