That's actually a male self-own. It shows that men use male only spaces for depravity and being their worst self, goaded and supported by other men.

Women on the other hand use female only spaces to finally talk without a male chaperone and try to bond with women over this experience.

[–] VestalVirgin 9 points Edited

If I was a man, I don't think I would ever enter any male only space other than public toilets and changing rooms and stuff. There's only depravity and pedophilia there.

(One of the reasons I really don't get how TIFs can want to be men is ... if men really think you are one of them, there'll be dozens of attempts to bond over misogyny. You need a LOT of internalized misogyny to actually enjoy that.)

If you hang around men long enough they eventually start to confide in you how much they hate other men and long for female companionship.

Yeah, same. And I'm very suspicious when it comes to men who actually do enjoy the company of other men (generally speaking; not talking about a few men they are friends with).

All men have male class consciousness. But the ones who actually like men as a class will act in a horrible manner to impress "the bros" and defend rapists with all their chest.

Yeah. My dad once said something about preferring parties where there's a woman in the room. He was very vague on how a woman changed the "atmosphere", and I thought at the time he was talking bullshit about "feminine energy" but ... yeah, I suspect I now know what he meant.

A lot of not so outspoken men are probably glad when there's a woman in the room so overt sexist jokes and other shit are just off the table without them having to actively object.

I still think they could, you know, man up and say something when other men are behaving in ways that make them uncomfortable, instead of demanding that women act as living shield. (After all, the men who are most disgusting in men-only groups likely are the same ones who molest women in mixed company.)

Reminds me of back when I was playing D&D with a group and all men with social skills somehow ceased to have time for the group sooner or later ...until, after a long time, socially awkward me realized I was a boiled frog and one of the men in the group had been slowly escalating his misogyny.

Sometimes, men can tell which other men are misogynists. I just wish they had told me. Though they probably thought I knew, in retrospect it was extremely obvious.

All-male spaces are terrible for society. All-female spaces are beneficial for society. We aren’t the same. These men need to eat some humble pie and just accept that no, they shouldn’t have the things that we have because they consistently demonstrate that they will use them for evil.

I stg 90% of my feminist conversations with males go like this:

Him: You think women should have/do X.

Me: Yes.

Him: Then you also think men should have/do X.

Me: No.

Him: Hypocrite!!!!1

Me: Women should have/do X because Y. Men should not have/do X because Z. Men and women are not the same. This isn’t my fault. If men want X, they need to do A, B, and C first, the way women always have. Men have the power to decide to do A, B, and C. It’s not my fault they are choosing not to.

Him: You’re MEAN.

Me: But where was I wrong though? What did I say that wasn’t true?

Him: [storms off/personal attacks]

I realize this reads like I made it up, especially the end part, but it is actually frightening how many conversations I have that are EXACTLY like that.

No, I totally believe it. I've had these conversations as well. And the funny thing is men expecting me to say something like "feminism is for men too" or "all genders should have X" because they are spoilt from liberal "feminism". Their utter shock reaction when I say feminism is not for men will never not be funny.

[–] crodish 14 points Edited

Oh no the males are lacking in all-male spaces to talk about their dicks and how they get them hard and the multiple illegal things they want to do to women

I guess they'll just have to be aggressive creeps in mixed-sex spaces, like they've always done.

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 11 points Edited

Odd that TRAs don't care about getting pedophile forums taken down, only Kiwi Farms which goes after pedophiles...

I don’t know what these sites are but being male only , I can only imagine it’s depraved, illegal sex acts (pedophillic, Rape or zoophilic) misogynistic hate mongering or racist. Those seem to be what male only spaces online become in my experience. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Men are entitled to male only spaces , doesn’t mean women have to like what is discussed in them.

Wow is zoophilia a real thing with them too? I always just picture a pathetic sheep fucker who is so repulsive the only things that unwillingly touch him are poor exploited farm animals. Like it's not what I would aspire to do if I had the power and privilege of being male, at all. But I guess men really do seem to derive joy from hurting and exploiting everyone and everything weaker than them. Something I can never understand I suppose.

Furries is a big one , but I have actually seen videos of men being caught raping dogs on reddit before so there was that 🤢

Oh God, that is horrible. :(. I'm not really surprised.... I just, I dunno, men are vile.

men are entitled to male only spaces

Says who?? These are dangerous and horrible for society. I believe they should be made completely illegal.

[–] Julie92845 0 points Edited

How would you enforce that without removing their personal property rights and freedom of association? Should you as a woman be allowed to walk into a man’s house if he doesn’t want any women there?

Like it or not people can and should be allowed their own private spaces they can let whoever they want in and keep out anyone they don’t want.

I just mean men’s clubs, certain types of churches, etc. This wouldn’t be a world where men had those freedoms. In the US, men having certain constitutional freedoms means by default that women cannot have them. It is a zero-sum game.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 10 points

That dude kinda has a pedo face lol. Also an old fucking photo he must be gross as fuck now.