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It’s crazy how when these men have an actual female normative experience like being excluded it’s never affirming. Not getting invited to the thing because the other women don’t really like you is a normal experience. Instead he flexes his status as a male to destroy the friend group.

I think it’s just a human normative experience (the being excluded/ not getting invited), but these deranged incels think that they should be included in everything that women are doing/that every woman must like and accept them literally 24/7 (inside their homes while sleeping, no less).

Sounds like all the other whiny dick-carriers- if he HAD been invited, he’d be whining about how some lesbian friendzoned him at the sleepover like all the other entitled incel losers do to their female “friends” aka women they demand sexual access to because she was nice and “led them on” by inviting them over. 🤮

Yeah this is not a female experience. Men fucking love excluding the weird guy from their super smash tournaments. It’s actually disturbing how much pleasure they get out of it.

Exactly! They love to talk shit about whichever guy they think is the “weirdo” and they will gossip and ostracize and backstab just as much as any women’s clique ever thought to; it’s just that they’re not called out on it. Being Kind ™️ is not even expected of men to begin with.

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Men fucking love excluding the weird guy from their super smash tournaments.

I've seen the Smash community and I must say that guy would have to be really fucking weird to get excluded by those mutants.

Yes, I came here to comment this! Like, dude, the number of times I've seen women I thought I was friends with hanging out without me... toughen up and deal with it! Keep looking for friends, make your own girls night or whatever. Nobody is entitled to anyone else's time.

But no, he had to break up this group for his own ego. Sad for the group, lame for him.

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The good thing here is that the wheat was separated from the chaff and P now has two terven friends to build a closer relationship with. The four handmaidens will continue to suffer under the constant threat of 'be kind or else' from the TIM.

The TERF group will continue their female-only get-togethers and nights out. The handmaidens will go out with this TIM and see the full extent of his creepiness, inappropriate behavior, and exaggerated sense of entitlement.

And now there are fewer to shoulder the burden, so it will be heavier.

i wouldn't be surprised if some of the handmaidens, despite what they say, were relieved to have other people to blame for excluding him from their girls nights. cos having a man there would just be weird, you'd restrict what you felt able to say etc. now they are gonna have to reap what they've sown but hopefully that will provoke them to have another think about their position.

Yes, I predict the events that don't include him will continue. It's so obvious they were passing the buck. If they have a group chat why wasn't the invite put out on the group chat, and instead disseminated among the group privately over text?

I predict over time the girl group will reassemble without him and maybe one or two handmaidens.

I don't think that's a good thing. We need female solidarity and the naive handmaidens need to learn from the terven.

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Solidarity is to be there when other women need you. In the meantime we need to respect their autonomy, and while we should clearly state what we believe, we shouldn't use cult tactics of forcing our ideas down their throats. As it stands now, the four friends know who they can turn to when they get burned by the TIM, and the three friends can grow stronger in their convictions and become the safe-haven the four friends can turn to when in need.

I think it's going to peak them, when they have to spend time around this guy. But you can't teach someone or communicate to them if they're not open to it, experiences with this guy will certainly make them open to it soon, however...

What's really telling here, for me, is his reaction to B. By all indications she's a total pickme and genuinely believed he was busy, yet his first reaction is to throw his weight around, mistrust her and become "furious" at her.

I think most of us know how it feels to have a man become absolutely fucking furious at us for something completely beyond our control, and/or completely fabricated. And to have him be absolutely convinced that his twisted paranoia is the truth.

"I don't believe you were out with your friends. You were seeing another guy, just fucking admit it."

"You said your broken leg was the reason you didn't want to have sex, but I know it's because you're not actually attracted to me. Just admit you lied about being attracted to me."

"You said you were into kink, but when I randomly choked you without warning, you got upset. So clearly you're not into kink after all, and lied to me about enjoying it. Just admit it."

So now B is not only on the TIM's side, but forced into a position of having to placate him and defend herself from him. She'll have to work twice as hard to prove to him she's not a "TERF" by giving him her servitude. This is how they even treat the women who support them.

He def has a creepy thing with her. B should steer clear because his obsession will turn violent, it always does.

Male would be upset anyway as the girls' night would not be a 'lesbian orgy' like his pornfilled fantasy.

Good for you, P.

Who wants to go find a link to that post by someone who DID invite a TIM to a women's night and he basically did drugs in the bathroom and violently attacked fellow guests with pillows and demanded his orgy goddamnit.

I've never seen that post but I am curious now. Christ.

There was also the post about the TIM who also got invited and then was all disappointed when the women only talked about boring stuff such as work and family. No sexxay pillow fights!

Can't find it anymore tho.

I'm getting flashbacks of that reddit post where the TIM shows up to a sleepover and tries to have a pillow fight and I think brings (unwelcome) drugs. Just totally ruined would have been a very fun night by making it totally uncomfortable and all about him.

Actual women aren’t invited to every outing

This. Last time I can remember taking it even a bit personally was as an insecure teenager. Now, I find out some friends are hanging out together doing something fun, I wish them well. The idea of fishing for an invite or melting down over not getting one sounds mortifying, and seriously, what grown-ass woman wants to be invited to something her "friends" are doing because she made a scene or out of pity? Now if they never want to hang out, that may be time to reevaluate whether it's still a friendship, but not being invited to a specific thing means nothing.

These days in my age cohort, butthurt at not being invited to something is a thing I see more from men.

I see strong parallels with men throwing tantrums and demanding pity dates. It doesn’t even cross his mind that when you strongarm somebody to hang out with you, you are the most pathetic person on the planet.

I wouldn't be caught dead fishing for an invitation if clearly nobody thought to include me. Mortified is the right word. We may get disappointed and feel the sting of being left out, but in no way would we feel the entitlement to inclusion like this man does.

I suspect it's that when you consider women actual other people and not NPCs, it makes the difference whether they actually wanted you there enough to invite you or not. I only want to spend time with friends when they want that, not make my presence an obligation. Just ew.

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Wow. The Damn entitlement. Nobody ever “owes” you an invite to any party. What an immature ass.

Edit. He still goes into boymode per his OP. No wonder they don’t think he’s a “girl” yet.

3/7 open TERFs is more than I would have expected. Some of the other 4 may be handmaids—or just afraid to say the truth.

The fact that none of them apparently bothered to check with the TIM kind of speaks to how much they value his company in any case.

I'd guess the others were a bit relieved he wasn't there, but when it came to having to own up, went with performative handmaidening over admitting to any wrongthink. And the stupid prize they won for playing this stupid game is getting stuck with this entitled man, who likely now thinks he can get away with even more demands on the "friends" remaining.

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Perhaps it's higher than expected as they know him

How does this crap have over 2k likes? He claims he's fine with them hanging out without him but then he keeps badgering them about why he wasn't invited. They might be lying but he's not entitled to an explanation because he was never entitled to their gathering in the first place. They could have said, they didn't invite him because they didn't want to and left it at that, but the TIM doesn't know how to take "no" for an answer. I'm willing to bet him being male wasn't the only reason he was excluded. Most men don't care about crap like this. This TIM seems especially arrogant and unlikable. Also whoever "P" is, she's awesome for telling the truth.

most men don’t care about crap like this

Oh yes they do. They carry shit like this around for YEARS and eventually leave it in a manifesto before they commit an act of mass violence.

And that is how a man destroys a friend group. But furyosa may be right that the three remaining women will be closer and truer to each other (and to the truth) as a result.

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Funny how the cliche goes that it's women who ruin groups of buddies!

Tbf we have this nasty habit of hating guys having group chats filled with porn and nudes, and we usually won’t have sex with guys who game the day away loudly with their immature friends. So guys probably see this as us ruining their friendship groups instead of forcing them to improve themselves or else not get regular access to sex.

Ha--good point! It's been my rule of thumb for years that whatever is common knowledge about what 'women/men do' or 'women/men are' is always exactly the opposite of reality.

Just like a man to try and turn women against each other, instead of taking the L and moving on quietly! Assuming this is real, I'm glad P still has some friends who openly support her and aren't willing to enable this dude's delusions, even if the majority of the group this TIM just blew up to soothe his bruised ego fell on the handmaiden side.

i might be daft but it genuinely sounded like a misunderstanding at first? like, if he had just played dumb it would have worked out in his favour lol. but of course he had to be a man and start abusing women.

I think yeah, in social situations like these you have to maneuver your way through them to keep your dignity intact, lol. Which sometimes requires playing dumb, or keeping quiet or whatever.

you said it way better than i was trying to say it! i think as women sometimes we're also conditioned to be quiet in these sorts of situations (not always a good or a bad thing) which is why with mtf it's so obvious they're men, even online when you can't see them.

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