Catfish are cats because not all cats have fur.

Hot dogs are dogs because not all dogs can bark.

Trans Black people are black because not all black people have black skin.

Old men who identify as trans age teens are teens because some teens are more mature intellectually.

Progeria is proof age is a spectrum

Let the kiddy diddling commence!

[–] ProMoleratWaxer 12 points Edited

Nice shower argument

"But there are cis women who don't have X*

How do you know they're women? Answer quickly zoofucker

[–] crodish 7 points Edited

They always have this stupid gotcha that's not a gotcha.

We are classified as male or female not solely by chromosomes, but by what gamete our body structures itself around. A body whose functions are structured around large gametes = female. This includes infertile females, intersex females, post-menopausal females, medically and surgically modified females (because EVERY CELL is female), and prepubescent females. Most of these females will be XX. Very, VERY rarely will these females have a Y chromosome, or have non-functioning / remnant male reproductive organs and gametes. The same way saying "humans have five fingers on each hand" doesn't invalidate humans with polydactyl or missing fingers, or make them a different species.

Vice versa for the small gamete, and XY chromosomes for men.

You really have to ask how we can classify every other species on this planet without trouble until it comes to humans, because feefees. DoEs a ChiCkEn Cry

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Isn't he dating a TIM or something? Sounds like a "no-homo" cope.

[–] Carrots90 9 points Edited

Notice they can only win the arguments that they set up?

TransWomen aren’t women, because they are men


A woman is an adult human female

Humans are a species that has binary sex based reproductive roles. The female is the member of the species whose biology is geared towards the production of large, immotile gametes.

Any physiological condition that causes a woman’s not to make a large, immotile gamete does not render her not a female any more than it makes a man a female

-Pregnant, and therefore nonovulatory females are female

-females who are too young or too old to ovulate, are still female

-humans whose body is geared towards the production of small, motile gametes are not female. Not even if they bully people around them into saying they are.

So his logic is...

Uh, there is no logic at all present anywhere in his statement.

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Oh. I see that it is Vaush

Remember when he was all Sir St. Savior of the Male Feminist Cavalry until the woman said she was sexually assaulted by a male from a Muslim country. Then he called her vile names?

Yeah. That guy

CW Sex Assault and rape culture


Edit to add: I get that she is right wing. But this doesn’t make her a SA liar

Edit again he calls her a B*tch, tried to dox her right then and there and says’I take it back, don’t believe all women “

This lets us all know the virtue signal hierarchy

I just listened to the

[–] Killer_Danish 5 points Edited

Ah, Vaush, who calls himself a “sexual minority” because he likes to fuck guys who are down-low.

He’s a worthless MRA misogynist. Pay no heed to this lack of grey matter. If he transes out some day, please color me not shocked.

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In other news, people who are missing a leg are also dogs because there are also dogs that are missing a leg. Apparently. More at six.

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 3 points

Vaush only cares because he doesn't want to admit that he's attracted to men.