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Thank goodness she posted this in a non TRA sub and got some good answers.

I swear to god that every time I hear of a TIM/TIF relationship, it always falls into hetereo bullshit at best and outright rape/sexual assault at worst.

What's even the point of pretending to be trans if you're going to suck the dick of a man (HOW DOES THAT NOT MAKE HIM DYSPHORIC?!) while he watches hentai and you have to beg for scraps? Fuck's sake man, this makes me sad too.

The part about pulling hentai up during the middle of it πŸ˜’πŸ€’

Awful that this is literally this woman's first and only experience of sex. And she's already 'FTM' so who knows how much better it's going to get for her physically.

I didn't realize she was FTM. I was wondering why she couldn't see the obvious.

Well she's a man, and men aren't preyed on, obviously. (Not to say young men aren't preyed on by older men, but that's the FTM fantasy. Certainly not preyed on by uwu girls.)

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We are failing our youth miserably :(

We must pushback against the groomers forcefully and work to give young people such as her a chance to grow a sense of self-worth and self-respect so that they can avoid these situations to begin with. Glad she's getting good feedback on that subreddit at least.