finally we have jeans that fit our booties!”

Wow. Wonder why ‘boyfriend jeans’ fit him so well

'this completely platonic story about women just celebrating how hot we are professionally'

Somehow, I don't actually believe this person's account of the conversation. Hot hot hot--three times in one paragraph. What kind of office does he work in?

I don’t know any woman who would describe herself, in a work environment, as hot. It’s weird, unprofessional and uncomfortable.

I imagine this is a TIM cornering a female colleague and her either hugboxing him in that fake handmaiden way “omg yess, us girls look so hot in our jeans” or him wildly misconstruing her words and mangling them to fit his weird fetish.

Why are these men such try hard freaks and wannabes?

Yep! And the line about “finally we have jeans that fit our booties!” stands out as something an agp TIM would say.

Exactly! I’ve never heard women talk that way. It’s just men writing (very unconvincingly) how they think women talk.

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So, you talked about the availability of jeans, and this turned into a "totally platonic" situation where you and this woman "celebrated how hot you are professionally". I totally, completely, utterly believe that this guy takes innocent conversations with women he's attracted to at face value. Professionally.

Co-worker, please blink twice if you need help.

A man needs curvy jeans like a fish needs a bicycle, and this guy's a clownfish.

Let me guess, a TIM posted that?

Of course not! I have completely platonic conversations where we professionally celebrate our hotness all the time with colleagues. I'm doing it on Slack rn! Professionally. You don't?

Fashion doesn't give a shit where women are or what they're doing as long as they're buying lots and lots of clothes. To suggest that "fashion" deliberately made clothes uncomfortable so that women couldn't go to work is one of the dumbest takes I've heard in years. Possibly ever.

Lack of safe, durable, appropriate clothes is a big barrier for women in certain manual labor professions, also a problem for blue collar professions with generic work uniforms that are meant to fit males and dont fit women, historically this has been a pretty serious issue for women entering fields like construction. This dumbass works in an office though. I dont think any woman has been kept from office work for lack of high waisted booty jeans lol.

BTW it was my understanding the high waisted pants that are trendy right now are notoriously restrictive, and make it hard to bend at the waist, so I'm doubly confused

The last time I had to buy work boots I literally went to five different workwear companies and could not find a pair that fit--ended up just buying a pair at the fifth place and wearing it with three pairs of socks. Not comfortable, and not easy to work in. When I finally replaced them last year I bought a pair at the first place I went to, and they fit fine; still a little wide in the heel--men's feet tend to be wider in the heel--but so much easier this time. Things are actually improving.

I know properly fitting PPE has also been a huge issue for female medical staff during the pandemic.

I know it's not perfect,but these things called heel liners might help you. I have wide feet, so I buy a half size larger one put them in to help shoes fit right.

pedag, Stop German Made Soft Suede Leather Heel Grip Unisex One Size Fits All, Gray, Pair, 5 Count https://a.co/faTOt1G

I'm not sure what type of work boots you need, but you might have better luck shopping for military boots. There are steel-toed versions for the military as well, depending on what you need.