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Apparently I've been a terf since I stopped ballet. Who knew terfs existed in the 1980s?!

been a terf since the day i was born. I've never worn a full face in my life, and don't ever want to. makeup makes me so self conscious lol

Makes you feel like a clown, don't it? There's a reason men look like clowns in it. Women do too, we are just used to women looking clownish under the patriarchy. :'(

yeah, foundation especially looks so weird on skin, especially under fluorescent lighting. ut reminds me of that horrible picture of James Charles with cakey foundation that doesn't match his skin tone lol. dude looked like a ghost. uncanny valley vibes

i just hate not being able to eat properly with lipstick, rub my eyes or my face etc. I feel like a robot even with a little makeup on.

so I'm barefaced even when i go out. it makes me look a bit plain next to my friends, but oh well.