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[–] BlueToyotaTacoma Hello r/GC! 2 points

I never liked makeup. I wash my face and treat my skin with acne medicine (I get a lot of acne) but I don’t like makeup. To me it’s never been a priority. I am a “terf” but not because I don’t like makeup

Never worn makeup a day in my life, so apparently I was a TERF before I even knew what TERFs were.

[–] GenderHeretic 5 points Edited

The cultural pressure on women to paint over their faces so no one has to see what they look like must be a lot worse wherever he lives.

It's possible she doesn't wear make-up but I also have seem dudes claiming a woman didn't wear make-up, and I could see about 10 products.

Most men are pretty stupid.

Well, one reason this TERF doesn't wear makeup is because it irritates her skin. Also, I don't think it's fun or interesting, it costs money I'd rather spend on other things, and it seems like a waste of time to learn how to do it well.

But, I'm not spending all day, every day trying to convince people that I'm the opposite sex.

Apparently I've been a terf since I stopped ballet. Who knew terfs existed in the 1980s?!

been a terf since the day i was born. I've never worn a full face in my life, and don't ever want to. makeup makes me so self conscious lol

Makes you feel like a clown, don't it? There's a reason men look like clowns in it. Women do too, we are just used to women looking clownish under the patriarchy. :'(

I personally chose to not wear make up so i could signal to TERF's in the wild that i was one of them /j

I wish this worked too! I'd be winking at all the makeupless ladies in hopes that they notice my lack of mascara!

Lol I wish that actually worked. It would make finding TERF friends much easier. Then I wouldn’t have to do the long haul of converting all my friends (not a bad thing, but it takes a lot of time).

Print this post out and keep it handy. That might speed the process up a bit.

If woman, why no woman face?

Lol, anyway, I wear some under-eye concealer, blush, and I love mascara. Even the occasional lipstick when I'm not wearing tinted SPF lip balm. I'm a TERF. First called that against my will, and now claiming it proudly. We come in all shapes.

Evidently TERF no longer means radical feminist then I guess? Rad fems do not "love" mascara....

I swear every day more and more normie women come here and the message gets diluted. I see women here arguing they shave for them fucking selves. Give me a break.

Oh you (the general you) love make-up, the tool used to oppress, mock, and dehumanize women for centuries? Bully for you but why the hell are you posting about that on a feminist forum. I expect this shit on Twitter not here.

There is a major influx of libfemmery compared to days past. Some of the more prominent rad fems got banned, so here we are I suppose. It is sad.

Where have you been? Everyone who disagrees with them is labeled a TERF. Correction, every woman who disagrees or questions. I'm not trans exclusionary either, I'm somewhat sympathetic to trans identified females, yet it's part of the acronym, so here we are.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 37 points

The most insulting part of this is he says he doesn’t know why we reject makeup seriously dude?

[–] spw 20 points

I know, its so obvious its because we're all closeted TIFs!

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 23 points Edited

yes im a quirked up enby i love smol frogs and hawaiian shirts and pretending to be a “gay uncle” to my sister’s kids!

Funny how he's able to figure out she's a woman even though she's sans makeup. Jealous much? I wish all women would just stop wearing makeup just so these Tims would look even more like the 🤡 they are.

You ain't nothing but a hateful man daisy no matter how much makeup you wear 💋

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 9 points


Jesus, not just "Daisy" but DAINTY Daisy.

Stomping around, bellowing at women, and hurling around misogynistic slurs. Yep, he sure sounds dainty all right.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 8 points

How dare that filthy scrote call himself by that name. Or “dainty” anything.

This clip is from a reddit post of a much longer rant, it's in another thread here somewhere right now, the users reddit username is daisy something or other.

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