Jesus christ. I want to be an organ donor, but I never want that to be interpreted as "sure take some of my corpse's skin to give a man a fuck hole."

Alloderm is very commonly used for live-saving skin grafts for burns and traumatic injuries. Please don't let the tiny % used for something like this discourage you from donating, it would hurt honest victims the most. It's like saying you don't want to donate your heart because it might go to Dick Cheney.

I wish I knew who to lobby about this. I am 100% in favor of life-saving organ donation, but that needs to be separated out from capitalistic commodification of corpses. I’m sure that there are people who don’t care, so let there be an opt-in for those willing to donate whatever to whoever, but people should also be allowed to specify that their donations be only life-saving. It’s not like I removed myself to stick it to the TIPs - I have a serious ethical and moral objection to human body parts being used for cosmetic, for-profit purposes with dubious consent from the donor, as most people aren’t aware of how bodies are harvested. Honest victims are paying the price, but the blame for that, imo, is on capitalism.

people should also be allowed to specify that their donations be only life-saving

The liars keep saying trans surgery is "life saving" so that clearly needs to be redefined as cosmetic // extraneous and unnecessary first.

[–] Eava 10 points

When it comes to artificial skin, there is no way to control the ultimate recipient/use. It isn't like donating a kidney, skin is harvested and processed to make Alloderm. Whether it goes to burn victims (definitely life saving) or to create a new vagina isn't something know at the time of the donation.

Don't worry. It won't.

It's just another tick on why I think all these "gender affirming" surgeries need to be categorized as elective and funded 100% out of the patient's pockets.

Imo that makes it even worse. There’s someone badly burned in a fire out there, but this guy is being given priority over someone who needs this to save their life.

Now I need to remember to not be an organ donor when I get my license when it’s up for renewal. That, and I have heard too many end of life horror stories from paramedics in regards to organ donation.

[–] furyosa MERF 52 points

which is so fucking cool and cyberpunk

I played Cyberpunk 2077 and there were so many missions where you saw butchered corpses of women that had been illegaly harvested for their organs and implants. That's not a 'fucking cool' future to aspire for.

Yeah, but you need to remember that for them, we' re just a sum of body parts that they can use, so for them something like that sounds like heaven.

[–] furyosa MERF 32 points

Yes, our hell is their heaven. They're literally irredeemable orcs.

It really isn't. But from a male's, especially a TIM's perspective, it makes sense that they would think that. It tracks.

So this is exactly what bothers me about organ donation. I would very much like to be able to donate my liver, kidneys, etc so my death could help another live. But I took myself off the list when I learned how cadaver tissue is used for a range of cosmetic procedures. Like I didn’t want my spend my afterlife as a penile implant. Or, now, a neo-vagina. But there’s no way, at least in my state, to specify that my body parts only be used for life-saving procedures. I refuse to take part in the cosmetic surgery industry, and I know the TRAs will deride my selfishness for that, but until there’s a way to ensure that I won’t be harvested for someone’s lip filler, I’m off the list.

I dont care what the TRAs think. Selfish or not, my skin isn't for them to wear and I'd be happy if they wore no one else's either.

But there’s no way, at least in my state, to specify that my body parts only be used for life-saving procedures.

And you know how they warp language to fit their agenda...they call these surgeries "life-saving procedures"

You can limit the organs you want donated. You can say heart, liver, kidneys, but not skin, eyes, etc.

That's a fucking fact. I'm renewing my license soon and I'm seriously considering removing myself from the list. I would rather help literally no one than have even a millimeter of my skin used in a frankenvagina

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 37 points

Why didn’t he spend his money getting a corpse’s hairline to cover his sixhead?

I don't think he's spending anyone's money but the taxpayers'.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 5 points

There’s another reason to object.

There's no need to use corpse hair to treat his male pattern baldness ... hair transplanation can be done with the man's own hair.

But yeah. He will get it done on taxpayer money.

I live in Germany, so there's not as much spending of tax money to support men's porn fueled fetishes ... yet, but I seriously consider moving to someplace with lower taxes in the future so that my tax money is not used for this kind of shit.

Or ... does anyone know a good charity that knows what a woman is and donations to whom are tax-deductible?

I wanna donate for girls in third world countries, but the charity I used to donate is using the gender asterisk and I am worried they have drunk the koolaid.

Yeah I'm not donating my body to science if it's gonna be used to make anusginas for mentally ill men

PLEASE don't let these freaks scare you away from donating organs! It's only a tiny percentage of TIMs that get the surgery and, dispite what they would have you believe, these losers are only a tiny percent of the population. > 99.99% it's going to be a mom or an uncle or a daughter; a nurse or a student or a architect. Someone who is already the victim of a terrible disease, a horrific accident or a genetic disorder that's been hanging over their head like the sword of Damoclese their whole life. This is who your organs are most likely saving, not some monster. Please don't let your (completely reasonable) disgust for perverts override your compassion for the sick. Transactivists have managed to take away so much already. Don't let them keep lifesaving organs away from the people who need them

Big time agree. I have family members who are recipients and it really is "Donating life" for a reason. One of my family members who died saved 4 people

Agree 100%. One of my close family members passed away as a teen. Their organs saved about a dozen people, and we know this for a fact because the recipients wrote thank you notes to our family. The murderer was a cop so we were denied full justice, but it was relieving to know that we could put good back into the world through organ donation.

I'm sad to hear about your family's loss, but it's nice that you were given the peace and comfort of knowing how much good that last gift gave to so many people.

This is right up there with Buffalo Bill in "Silence of The Lambs" trying to make himself a skin suit out of the flesh of the young women he kidnapped, held captive, starved, tortured and murdered.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 29 points Edited


also, might need a new term for "deadnaming"

He spelt disturbing and frankensteinian wrong . (This smacks of necrophilia too tbh. ) Ed Gein would be so jealous.

This man wants a vagina so bad he doesn’t mind a doctor sewing bits of corpse inside him? Imagine telling people your new vagina was sourced from only the freshest of corpses 🙃 .

I don't understand how any of them can get this neovag surgery after all the horror stories I've read about them. It's insane. The only good thing is that it kills their sex drive tbh

YH and they never look like a real labia or vagina, it’s in the wrong place and the skin looks different , sometimes they have large scars, not to mention the massive range of complications that can arise. But if they're AGPs I won’t say I’m sad they inverted their dicks tbh, there’s lots of posts made my TIMs who’ve had it and regrets it online so it’s their loss I guess

I guess all the burn victims and dog bite and car crash survivors are taken care of and now we can just toss this donated skin around any old where we want, eh?

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