LOLOLOL J.K. Rowling is a multimillionaire with a gigantic fanbase who lives rent free in these perverts' heads, but suuuuure, she's the one on a downward spiral. cope cope cope cope cope cope

They can’t argue her facts so they will just attack her personally

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I just... the sheer thickness of his skull.. the defensiveness that sounds so typical.. This dude's response makes NO sense in relation to what she says, just goes 3000% into defense mode over women's concerns of the same male violence we've been experiencing for centuries. JKR makes a COMPLETELY reasonable statement regarding safeguarding and specifically why it does not paint all members of a group with the same brush, that's it's a precaution we are wise to take. I mean, this is simply common sense for those who understand the needs of women and children in our species.

I cannot see the connection between what the insane TRA wrote and JKR’s rightful logic here.