If you hear a story about a 10 year old female rape victim and your first response is "but what about fully grown male adults who want access to their bathrooms!" - then you lose your right to speak to me or for me to pretend your opinion has any value to society or humanity as a whole.

The last tweet I could see is so braindead. Not all men are rapists, but we still (until 5 minutes ago) kept all men out of female spaces.

There is a noticeable pattern with trans “women” being total perverts because they are male so they should be kept out of female spaces like the other males. There is no pattern with “cis” lesbians because they are female. Wtf is so hard about this 🤦‍♀️

I’ve heard the same kind of BS. “Well women rape other women so why should transwomen be kept out of womens prisons?”

This is one of the issues where I’m publicly terfy and I always shoot it down with “women can’t get each other pregnant.”

Cats bite too, so why are you not okay with keeping a rabid bobcat in your home?

People seem to really have a hard time with this idea of class analysis. My husband has been watching Jordan Peterson behind my back 😩, and I was trying to explain that saying men are the oppressor class is not saying that each and every man is the worst of the worst misogynist oppressing women as much as possible. I am also not saying that even though all women are oppressed by misogyny, that every women is horribly oppressed equally in the same ways. He's a relatively good man as men go, and I am relatively unoppressed as women go. But that doesn't mean that men don't oppress women. Women are oppressed, and it's men that do it to us. Just because some men are trying their best not to or some men work dangerous jobs or experience other forms of oppression does not mean they aren't still part of the oppressor class with respect to women.

Your husband is playing dumb. He knows what class analysis is. Do you think he calls out his friends when they talk shit like "women are X, Y, Z." No, he agrees with their assessment and MAYBE excludes you from it because he knows and loves you.

Yeah he totally is. I can't believe he started watching that crap. So frustrating. He just hates all the crap that white males are getting. Which, cool, try to imagine how much crap you would get as a black woman then. It's not about him.

I feel like a straight woman acting on behalf of her abusive boyfriend is more likely to film you than a lesbian is.

The few acts of sexual assault committed by women tend to be these situations, yes.

Ah, yes, whataboutism… a logical fallacy perfect for MRA TRA logic! Screeches of, “Women are just as violent, if not MORE violent than men!” really brings home the evidence-free talking points of these misogynists.

TIMs' sexuality is obviously nothing like lesbians'. For one, most TIMs identify as gay, while we actual lesbians are like 5% of the total women population. It sucks that there are so few of us, but that's how thing are. If males are the same as "cis" women, why is this different? How come no one finds this suspicious?

And of course, there have been tons of TIMs attacking women in bathrooms, but virtually zero cases where lesbians are the perpetrators. Even though we spend way more time around women.

Not true. Most minority communities Trans women identify as Straight/ because they were gay men first.

Perceived White Heterosexual men claiming to be women or some spectrum Trans AMABs identity and Lesbians have been an ever increasing influx since they could get insurance when APA changed Transgenderism from a mental illness to a medical condition.

By far Transbian community is the largest % of TIMs. If you include the Bisexual %, that pumps up to 80%.

Oops, by identifying as gay I meant lesbian. So most TIMs identify as lesbians, which is very different from the number of lesbians in real women.

Yes, about 80%. But they are still smaller than Lesbians+AFAB spectrum calling themselves Lesbians.