This man bought a child's CLOWN wig at the dollar store, mixed it with vinegar, salt, and dye, and then cut it up and glued it onto his head and he's shocked it didn't look right.

And he is ENGAGED.

Some poor woman is stuck with him. I don't even have words for this degree of stupidity.

Imagine being the parents and your child is going to marry this person and potentially breed with them (assuming a straight relationship)

Watch me turn into the evil witch from Rapunzel but i'm not gonna lock my child away.

Idky TIMs act like they are reinventing the wheel. There are millions of women who wear wigs. They aren’t all rich. It’s not hard to find out where they shop/ how they style their wigs.

You can get an ok plastic one from Amazon for about $20. It’s not great but it’s gotta be better than whatever this is. I’m an actual woman and I get compliments on my cheap plastic wigs occasionally, and I’m not even that good at putting them on.

I respect people who try a diy before spending big money in something but this reminds me of the people making "sports bras" out of boxers by cutting a hole in the bottom and leaving the waistband as the "bra band"

Dawg, if you already spent $7 gluing a child’s clown wig on your bald spot, just go the whole way and buy a $20 wig on Amazon.

That gave me some horrible mental images

I can only imagine why they recommended the shampoo. The mental image is bad enough, but the SMELL must have been something else.

The mental image I got was a flashback to a photo in my local newspaper many years ago. A serial kidnapper of women with a manic yellow-toothed grin, snapped while he was singing a song that one of his victims taught him, to convince him that she was his friend.

That's the kind of man that would superglue a children's clown wig to his ratty scalp in an attempt to become a woman.

(The victim escaped, and brought his decades of crime to light.)

The fascinating thing here is why he needs a wig. TIMs are walking nonsense. If he is all ready a woman there should be no need for dress up. Unless he's acting out a fetish.... no that couldn't be it.

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