Dancing, singing, makeup, long hair and jewelry are all "feminine" things now that boys can't do? Wtf, it's like the 80s never happened.

Kid, 1, 2, 3, Freddie Mercury. Your problem is not that you are male, it's that you lack character. Harsh but true.

“Always have someone rooting for them….always have friends…they are always praised and thought of to be smarter and prettier…women are always looked to be the prize, the goddess, the one everyone had hope in.”

Spoken like a true delusional, entitled male.


I think I may have ruptured an organ from laughing so hard. We're prettier? Well, maybe, because we feel pressure to do so much more for our looks. Thought of as smarter? Are you kidding me?

And always have friends? Man, not to stereotype, but he's never been the subject of teenage girl aggression. When that hits, it hits HARD.

In many ways it's so sad that they believe that.

It’s because they only notice the popular, pretty, and young girls - all other girls and women are literally invisible to them.

He thinks sexualisation and periods can't be that bad. Wait till he finds out he has to do housework, serve the men, eat less than the men, have restrictions put on his every move and what he wears, and get blamed for everything

Including their own mothers and sisters. They never stop and actually look at how their female relatives are treated.

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I hate how spineless these males are. I was very GNC in HS and it wasn't fun all the time but it felt good to be true to myself. Saw lots of teenage boys with long hair, painted nails, etc. and I'm sure they got similar shit as to what I did. But they had friends and were likeable to the people that mattered for them. If this kid wasn't such a spineless delusional incel he'd grow out his hair and GET OVER IT.

Damn, someone should tell the K-Pop idols that are adored internationally that men don’t get to dance, sing, wear jewelry, wear makeup, and have to have facial hair.

A whole bunch of western males are pissed because of them and ignore the fact that western women appreciate good styling and grooming, youthful looks and artistry. The hallyu boom in the mast years didnt come from nothing.

It is 100 percent true that he'd get bullied for it though.

We're putting our energies in the wrong direction. Make bullying of ANY child not OK, don't limit it to trans kids!!

Yes he would get bullied. My son got bullied for having a pink sports bag.

That's the price you pay for being GNC in HS. It sucks (I know from experience) and it isn't right but guess what, millions of kids bear that burden every day instead of fostering a creepy jealousy/obsession with their female peers.

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He sounds like a confused kid, and narcissism in the teen years isn't textbook narcissism, it's just teenagers have so much pressure to fit in and they are so much in their heads.

What he's lacking are adults and friends telling him he's okay the way he is, and to fucking leave off w/ the 'girls have it better' bullshit. I'm not saying he isn't heading into incel land, but trans will just make him worse, obviously.

Edited to add: I hope some adult pays attention to him and does some kind of intervention in helping him find some place to fit into and be a productive member of society.

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This kid isn’t trans. I mean no one really is but he isn’t, even using their definitions. He’s clearly depressed and lacking self-esteem and wants to be someone, anyone who is noticed, appreciated, and respected.

He erroneously thinks (young, pretty) girls are, and that’s why he thinks he wants to be a girl. But he really just wants to escape the strictures of toxic masculinity and his own inferiority, similar to how TIFs want to escape the pitfalls of being female.

I really wish this movement never came around to kids and teens because this is the worst thing for them to latch onto. If I was a parent, I’d rather my kid be a drug addict than get sucked into trans ideology. At least the therapists won’t affirm the addiction.