How come women are only ever allowed to be actual lesbians in their eyes if they have trauma relating to penis. I’m a lesbian. I’ve never been raped or sexually assaulted. I’m still not attracted to men andI would absolutely never have sex with one. Lesbianism isn’t caused by trauma

Note how the comment goes on to say that the lesbian acquaintances are otherwise "really trans-friendly". You either got trauma or you're a TERF.

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How come women are only ever allowed to be actual lesbians in their eyes if they have trauma relating to penis.

It's a kindness they're temporarily extending to us. They'll stop making that exception in time.

I remember a man in college who was trying to feel me out as a lesbian.

(I wasn’t interested in him, what other explanation could there be?)

He explained to me how gay men are gay, but gay women? Usually because of some trauma…. or being ugly

I’m sure you know this, but you aren’t missing much 😂🤣

I love your username btw!

They are such homophobes. Lesbians are lesbians because they are attracted, exclusively, to females. Female homosexuality has nothing to do with males whatsoever.

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the TERF conclusion that attraction is solely based on sex

No, the “conclusion” is that sexual orientation is based on sex.

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They never talk this way about straight men, not even the gay TIMs. Only men are human to them.

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It's probably rare, but it seems that for some people, genitals do play a bigger role in attraction.

Goodness. These kids desperately need real sex ed.

What gets me is that they seem to believe males and females are totally the same aside from genitals. A whole body is male or female. We are a dimorphic species, every cell in our body is sexed.

“You know why lesbians don’t like dick? Trauma.” -Every AGP TiM

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Lol they're even allergic to "afab" now?

Keep digging, boys, maybe 3-4 more layers of obscurity and you might even start sincerely convincing yourselves!

This comment is so convoluted it is painful.

TIMs are not women, therefore they are not attractive in to lesbians any way. Period, end of story. Not TIMs with a gaping wound, and not TIMs with a penis. Not in any way.

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b0i did slip out of character and back into inadvertently acknowledging that he knows what boys and Girls are, just like every other 3-year-old.

Right there at the end ("sex"... seems not insignificant that they didn't just stay on the "genitals" train all the way to the final stop)

do they not realise that the vast proportion of sexual attraction has developed evolutionarily to ensure the survival of the species? i.e. we can tell what sex someone is upon them entering our visual field.... its not a terf conclusion its straight up biology.

but then again i'm a terf so what would i know.

And also danger status

I (stupidly) used to run at night in college. I was running once and a man was walking by himself ahead of me. He turned around scared and ready to fight when he heard fast footsteps. He immediately relaxed when he read me as female.

Tee and hee.

People who know nothing.

Besides it is not just genitalia, it's everything. Voice. Fleshiness. Skin. Proportions. Sexed bodies don't begin and end between the legs. And then there's the indefinable connection between Personality and lived embodied experiences. I like the difference between me and a man because I'm straight. I feel certain lesbians are drawn to elements of sameness.

I swear I can tell with some babies in the first month.

Definitely with my kids. 3 of one kind and one of the other

I had my son when a friend had her girl. We both noticed the difference when we held each other’s babies

More ‘flexible’ hands and earlier eye contact with the girls. The girl spoke earlier. She was more likely to work with us to get something than my son. He was more likely to try to break through something to get out before protesting for help. Etc

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