“I know TERFs try and look for every little tiny thing to try and take us down”

Oh honey. We don’t have to go looking, you guys peak the masses just by being yourselves.

I notice the only people he's apologizing to are the other males. Clearly he feels no remorse at all for his actions and of course blames the "terf troll" for his completely unhinged behavior. Zero personal responsibility or accountability. And its quite frankly disturbing how many men in the comments are justifying his violence by blaming the coworker when there's absolutely no proof she did anything. It was a fucking sticker. He's never even mentioned where he works, maybe it was a customer? The fact that they're condoning his absolutely monstrous behavior is concerning, this is what emboldens these men to be even more violent. If I was his coworker I'd start carrying at work because this man is dangerous.

"to be transphobic and racist etc.."

says the ones who constantly compare men in dresses to black women. "iF bLaCk wOmEn aRe aCcEPtEd, sO sHoULd TrAnS wOmEn uWu"

also, just because I'm not white doesn't mean I automatically believe your gender ideology bullshit. don't pretend that we don't exist, don't pretend that we don't have our own opinions.

In the original post he actually compared saying "woman = adult human female" to being racist. This guy is completely delusional. If stating a biological fact is akin to racism, it slowly degrades the meaning of "racism" to encompass anything, and ultimately mean nothing.

That HAVE TO pair them, because it’s all bs and they knownit

Did you all catch the post where his follow TIM bros are excusing his absolutely unhinged male rage and misogyny by asking if he’s on the autism spectrum and undiagnosed because he’s a woman?!


OP do you have autism by any chance? I don't mean this in an ableist way, I'm neurodivergent myself but the archive another commenter linked reminded me of some autistic people I've met and dated.If you haven't been diagnosed have you considered looking into it? Its underdiagnosed in women.

This is a typical raging, narcissistic male going on a rampage trying to “avenge” himself against women he refers to in a torrent of misogynistic slurs because they won’t bend to his every whim. He sounds very dangerous.

This deranged XY is not an undiagnosed neurodivergent woman, you delusional AGPs!

[–] GCRadFem 25 points

More daintydaisy. He’s on a roll lately. He is unable to control himself so I’m sure we will see more of his posts.

[–] disco_metal 23 points Edited

[…] terfs have fucking blood on their hands. Fuck em, I would avoid digital self-harm looking at those bigot posts.

What do you think of this idea of “digital self-harm”? I do suspect if that’s what’s at play with some of the TRAs. That, or “digital masochism” I suppose

I shouldn't police my speech to avoid your triggers. you avoid that shit on your own and help yourself.

Ranks right next to "verbal violence".

Look words have meaning, and I do not think that seeing something you dislike on the internet is the same thing as "self harm".

I know TERFs try and look for every little tiny thing to try and take us down and when one of us does something then this affects everyone and they use it as evidence against all of us.

If we only looked for the tiny things, we’d never have time for anything else. The big things are plenty.

You’re not sorry you did it you’re sorry you got caught.

This is who they truly are.

Men "close ranks." Women should do the same.

I do feel like women could learn some pointers for supporting each other from that comment section.

Men aren't under constant physical, psychological and political attack to keep them from forming as a movement though. There's a reason we can't group together, it's not because we're not capable but because they constantly sabotage us, in a multitude of ways.

he's absolutely OBSESSED with terfs in his post history. i feel so bad for his coworkers, like i feel like they could be in danger if he snaps.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 16 points

Nah, they already look bad, because they are. He’s a drop in the ocean.

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