Why couldn't they just wear what they want and stay male?

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Because of an "inner sense of self" that only a trans person can truly understands

They are still male. I wish society would stop entertaining the delusion that they’re not.

There's a little 10 year old TIM fashion model and both his parents are also trans. C'mon. Actual transsexuality is like less than 1% of the population and you're telling me there's 3 in this one family? Fuck outta here


This is precisely why the prosthetic breast fetish wearing TiM teacher is not an outlier. Most of them are good at hiding it on the surface but the facade cracks down once you look deeper. Womanhood is a costume to them and they’ll drag the children in. Notice the tree in the background? No leaves. It can’t be that sweltering hot that you’d need only a sports bra.

I believe there are TiMs who don’t actually hate women, but unfortunately they are the outliers. NikkiMakeupTutorials is such a victim who was dragged in during childhood.

IIRC Nikkie's mom was convinced Nikkie was a girl during pregnancy and Nikkie being a boy was a 'little surprise'.

I think it is a bit like Jazz Jennings in that way.

Yes this is stated in the coming out video. I still watch nikkie occasionally.

Ah, I never liked vlogs and Nikkie always looks so... red without makeup? I'm not a fan of the makeup looks either. But I don't like most make-up looks from the last years. A lot of people make themselves look wet and I don't get it.

I agree with you. His mom is toxic. What a way to abuse your gay son.

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NikkiMakeupTutorials is such a victim who was dragged in during childhood.

Doesn't that guy have a Buffalo Bill tattoo? Or have I confused him with someone else?

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It’s crazy what’s considered “feminine” as well. Zebra shirt with a hint of pink? Omg, your kid is really a girl on the inside!!! Long hair? Totally a girl!!! Their boundaries are so incredibly rigid and regressive, not to mention the heart of the issue, which is denial of biological sex of course.

There was a little boy who wore lots of pink glittery outfits and ballet slipper type shoes at an elementary school where I volunteered, but he knew he was a boy, and so did everyone else.

This was several years ago, so I really hope he’s not being “transed” now that he’s older. At least his parents aren’t idiots like this TIM, so maybe there’s some hope.

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It is all so very conventional and boring.

Boring, boring, boring. If TIMs didn't trans, (i.e. if we lived in the world that existed like 30 years ago, when they kept their fetishes to themselves) I would probably not want to do anything to do with them, either, because their gender role ideas make them soooo boring.

I used to hang out with larpers (I mean, actual larpers) and like, half of the men there have long hair cause they're also metal fans or goths and whathaveyou ... yeah, try and go tell the guy who plays a viking warrior that his long hair makes him look like a girl. I would like to watch.

Also, go and tell the wizard he must be a girl on the inside because he's wearing a robe. If I ever see a TRA try that, my only regret will be that larp wizards cannot REALLY conjure fire to burn their enemies.

🧙‍♂️🪄💥 Omg, exactly 😆— so practically every single male LARPer is at least an “enby” by their boring criteria!

Are they gonna posthumously trans all the millions of men who had long hair throughout history? The men who wore glitzy jewelry and robes? The men in tights who wore makeup and high heeled shoes? A bit like Mormons baptizing the dead- the Church of Trans. They’ll be VERY busy.

There’s this TIM on Twitter- Erin Reed (he stole the first name from a little girl) who goes around to ren-fairs in flower crowns and fairy wings, thinking that shows that he’s really a woman. A lot of guys at rave parties would like a word with his delusional, basic ass. 🧚 And what about the Flower Men of the Asir region of Saudi Arabia? They’ve all been unknowingly trans for 2,000+ years? 🤦🏻‍♀️

My son and me enjoy taking road trips together, but surely, transing together is just as wholesome.

Interesting how he has sanpaku eyes after transitioning. His post-transition smile also seems off.

The nose is very different too, definitely filters happening here

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Creepy eyes - not sure whether dead eyes or serial killer eyes - and he’s even made his son look creepy in that getup.

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