[–] KanaChameleon 21 points Edited

They are shameless in not only their hatred of her but the open homophobia.

I have never seen this intense hostility towards us and we no longer have any protection against it when lesbianism has been redefined as a bigoted discriminatory position against men rather than a valid orientation and rather than the reality that men are the prejudiced homophobic harassers of us.

It's often terrifying to come to terms with.

[–] Lezbhonest 15 points Edited

This is EVERY SINGLE radfem comment section on Tumblr. Every single one. Young teenage girls who are using this site to post radfem discourse are getting told this vile shit. Just so everyone is aware..

[–] legopants 12 points Edited

I mean, JK Rowling could tweet "hi" at this point and get comments saying that on her posts. These people are unhinged, some, though they claim to hate her, will have tweet notifications on for her just to be the first to spew their women hating garbage.

To think, long after this is over and the violence against women has reached a peak, there will be women who don't see the misogyny, and will tell other women they should've been "nicer."

also TRAs: "No one is saying lesbians have to be open to the opposite sex"