Because that woman on the right of Helen Joyce is a lesbian btw, Jo Campbelle, here's a video of her being shouted at by TRAs yesterday.

Also it's amazing how TRAs will call a flag mutilated but will brand detrans people who talk about being irreversibly harmed and mutilated as hateful bigots and try to silence them. Because cutting of breasts and carving up genitals is apparently just "a normal part of self discovery, never a mistake" even if you regret it. Well you don't even have to be detrans, they will call anybody hateful who dare call these horrible surgeries and procedures anything other than life saving and gender affirming.

Love the unironic use of "mutilated" to describe the progress flag being torn to look like the original pride flag. But of course it's not mutilation when you split open genital skin and cut off breasts... πŸ™„

a man burning a "lesbian strength" poster. not surprising, do something more original. we all know you get your boxers all shit smeared by the mere existence of women that don't need and aren't ever attracted to you.

edit: as a poc, fuck that progress pride flag. it represents exactly how much the west has regressed. TRAs themselves are racist and homopbobic.

TRAs accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a fascist Neo Nazi. Yet they themselves behave like actual fascists, threatening and sometimes actively exercising violence against those who disagree with them, simply for disagreeing. Like that woman who was assaulted by TRAs when she was holding the suffragette movement flag next to the Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester.