fuck off you have no idea what it’s like being me and you’re jealous of me???

Oh the rich, sweet irony…

I’ve never felt jealous of a man in a dress tbh , usually just feel a little creeped out if they stare at me but I don’t envy them. I think they’ll find most women wouldn’t want to look like men either.

They always take compliments, that women give them, to heart. Then it goes straight to their head. Their male egos remain intact it seems.

Most men love compliments given to them by women because they rarely happen. I've heard men say one woman saying, "I like your hair" has them walking on the clouds for weeks.

Of course these men just get weird and angry about it.

They stare at me too. It’s always intense eye contact as soon as we cross paths.

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I’m truly over anyone excusing the handmaiden TIM chorus.

I promise no woman is actually jealous of you. Not sure what there is to be jealous of here lol

Not sure what "rubbing your man" is implying, and I'm not sure I want to...

Hard to make out with the terrible grammar (hope English isn't his first language), but my best guess is there was a woman unhappy that he was getting touchy-feely with her husband/boyfriend, and he's trying to play the 'poor me' card about it.

I think it’s that nervous tic where the woman in question would be rubbing her boyfriend’s upper arm for reassurance or when she is in fear.

Well, I'm jealous of you in the same way that I'm jealous of all men: that they are able to just live their lifes, unbothered by misogyny.