Estrogen doesn't cause cramps. Prostaglandins do. They are produced by the breakdown of the uterine lining, not from any hormone a TIM takes. TIMs can speedball estrogen, it won't give them cramps.

My mom once went to the ER with severe abdominal pain. My dad thought she was dying. She thought she was dying. The ER doctor sent her home with instructions to take tylenol because it didn't seem like she was in "that much pain."

A week later, after being bedridden with two small kids in the house, she went back because she hadn't been able to eat in a week, and nothing had changed. They sent her home again--but she happened to vomit bile on the doctor before he left.

One emergency gallbladder removal later, the surgeon told her he had never seen a gallbladder in worse condition. It disintegrated when he removed it.

I don't know why I brought this up other than I makes me think about the absurdity of real women being denied treatment or care for actual pain and disease, while a pampered idiot man can be seen easily for his fake cramps in his imaginary uterus.

LMAO@men's low tolerance to pain

I had worse period cramps at age 11 and didn't get sent to the hospital. Fuck whoever wrote this. A period is literally the lining of your uterus shedding. No uterus, no period, go fuck yourself

No way a doctor actually said this, either

women NEVER get taken seriously when we go to doctors about debilitating period pains (endometriosis, pcos etc). my cousin was told, "tHat'S nOrMaL, dEaR" and he gave her some pain killers.

on the first day of every period, I'm practically bedridden, in so much pain, almost crying. this month, i actually vomited from the pain.

fuck TIMs for fetishising our pain. anything that gives us pain is a silly teehee women fetish for them.

Yeah they totally told him period pains. /s

When I had unexplained abdominal pain, I was in the ER for 7 hours. Had a transvaginal ultrasound and a mri. Turned out I was pregnant (and miscarried) and had multiple ovarian cysts. There's no way this happened.

I’m so sorry to hear that you went through that. These delusional scrotes are insufferable for minimizing and fetishizing women’s real medical issues. He is absolutely lying, and probably getting off on it.

I'm fine now and honestly, pretty lucky I was believed and taken seriously to begin with, although I suspect that's only because the pregnancy test they did came up positive, so they probably wanted to make sure it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. And that's absolutely true. It takes a hell of a lot of pain for most women to even go into the ER because we aren't believed.

What a night for you. What the fuck. Are you okay now?! Holy shit

I'm totally ok now. The worst part of the whole affair was the ER doc telling me I was pregnant and 3 days later my obgyn telling me I wasn't (because it was a wanted pregnancy). The month of blood work because my hgc levels weren't dropping and almost needing to take medication to get my body to fully release the products of conception was almost as bad.

You know, sometimes I wish doctors really believed their lies that they are women. AND their delusion that they know they have period cramps.

"Period cramps, you say? Yes, of course you are in a lot of pain, that's normal. Take some painkillers and a hot water bottle and wait, it will be over in a couple days."

-> TIM dies from appendicitis.

They are so very, very, very overprivileged, they can lie, and have everyone pretend to believe the lie AND still act to save their lives (which requires NOT believing the lie).

I mean, if dude was experiencing severe abdominal pain, he SHOULD go to the ER...because it's definitely not period cramps.

Watch it be gas pain or some shit like that.

Probably severe constipation from his diet of Cheetos

I went to the ER once with severe pain in my side, chills, vomiting -- I was miserable. I sat in the waiting room for about 6 hours (along with an extremely drunk girl who kept howling that she "couldn't breathe,"), a sleeping man who was snoring loudly, and an elderly woman who sounded like she was coughing up a lung (thankfully, this was pre-covid). That's it. That's the entirety of the waiting area. But still, I waited. We all did.

Finally, I got called back. Still vomiting, still had chills, still writhing in agony. Someone took blood, and a few hours later, I went back for a CT scan. There was a lot of "hurry up and wait." Finally, a doctor strolled in to see me and announced that I had a 6 mm kidney stone and a "massive" chocolate ovarian cyst. He suspected the kidney stone was responsible for my symptoms. He was going to give me some medicine to help pass it (supposedly).

It was a full 12 hours after I arrived in that ER before I got any kind of pain relief (a shot of morphine) and even longer before I was discharged with instructions to see a urologist, a gynecologist, and my PCP asap -- and no prescriptions at all. Just a little round net thing that I was supposed to catch urine in just in case I passed the stone on my own.

So it doesn't surprise me at ALL that a TIM who wanders into the ER complaining of "menstrual cramps" is seen and treated immediately and discharged to recover comfortably at home. Men's pain is always taken seriously.

veruca: Thank you, I hate having to argue with haters about this.

B: You don't have a uterus... What, exactly, is "cramping?"

veruca: The muscles where the uterus would be.

lmao. And this exchange lower down:

A: Yeah I know all about that. I just had five horrible days of of period pains and and I'm trans. So yeah trans goes to get periods.

B: What, exactly, is cramping? You don't have a uterus...

A: That's none of your business. I don't have to explain or justify it simply what happens

B: So... Nothing? Gas? Placebo effect? 🤦‍♀️

A: No it's a perfectly normal biological function that happens to most trans girls and women and it's the interaction that hormones have with our bodies it's just what happens now stop pestering me about this

of course person B got her account suspended.

Thanks B!

[–] Zamiel 21 points Edited

Ha, I looked into that account's post history a bit more and it looks like she created it yesterday as like a throwaway, swept through a whole bunch of /MtF posts on periods calling out their delusion, and was banned 3 hours in. Yes, here's to u/duydphsgifihcufsr 🥂 legend

The questions are also legit. I mean, scientifically legit. If what they say it is true, what exactly is cramping? Medicine need to know!

That is a good idea. I will do that one day when I'm bored or really pissed because of TRAs (which is pretty every afternoon).

Nah, if he did actually go to the hospital then the doctor just told him it’s cramps from taking oestrogen, as in cramps in the digestive system. It’s a side effect from a drug.

A drug I’m currently taking is making me very nauseous, and I also need to take folic acid supplements, guess I must be pregnant! Even though it’s physically impossible, the symptoms say it must be the case!

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This reminds me of "Jessica" Yaniv abusing his local emergency services in order to force paramedic to lift him, naked from the bathtub.

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