It is SO fucking weird to watch TIFs and TIMs LARPing with each other. It was so surreal I kind of feel like I disassociated for a second. o.O

It's like watching kids play pretend, only it's disturbing and nauseating instead of cute.

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The great thing about actually being a woman is that you can call me anything--dude, bro, guy, fella, Santa Claus, Baron Mordo, tin can, goat, pizza pie, equator, or Lord of the Rings--it won't change the fact that I'm female from head to toe. It might not make me like you, but it won't have an impact on my identity. It won't make me wonder if I pass. Because I don't have to pass. Any expression of my personality or taste is female because that's what I am. But yeah, just use "girlie" like you're s'posda.

So true. They can’t handle being correctly sexed whereas no healthy person cares about being “misgendered”

If someone deliberately called me “sir” or “man” or any other male term I really wouldn’t care, it’d be weird for sure, but it doesn’t change that I’m female in every cell of my body 🤷🏻‍♀️

Why do TIFs always talk like this “bro” “king” etc.

They seem to be imitating the language of drag queens, but opposite sex pronouns/words.

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"What's up girly" is reserved for my mom who is also my best friend sorry haters

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Image transcription:

From r/mtf

Post title: trans dude here, need some advice

Post: College student. Just met a girl who happens to be a trans girl and we live on the same floor. She's a little tomboyish super sweet we chatted about video games and stuff. I use the term bro for anyone it's unisex to me. With my other girl friends I use it and they don't mind.

Basically I'm asking how you ladies feel about being called "bro". I know every individual experience is different and I'll be sure to ask her the next time we run into each other.

Edit: also asking because personally I wouldn't like to be called sis even though a lot of people use it for anyone

Comment: I don't enjoy it whatsoever...just say what's up girly like you're supposed to >:o (angry face emoticon)

OP reply: yes ma'am