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Even the performer instinctively knew this was wrong for children to witness.

Yesterday, without much warning, we had to celebrate a party for about 100 kids. While brainstorming "things that don't need a lot of preparation, cost little and are generally enjoyed by kids", no one came up with : "let's throw dresses on men and then have them dance for kids". And we did have quite a few outlandish suggestions. I still really don't understand what people believe kids would get out of such an experience.

I hate the fake "modesty" shown in front of the kids too trying to hide the prosthetic breasts in spite of bouncing them blatantly immediately prior and after taking their money. An adult performer's responsibility is to say this is adults only and don't perform with children present like any other adult worker (just because it's a bar doesn't make it okay when you see children!!!), and the parents had a responsibility to keep their kids away from adult content. Shameful on all ends, I feel bad for the kids.

Took place at Hamburger Mary’s bar and Grill. Grand Rapids, Michigan.