Do you think the traditionally feminine TIMs are annoyed by handmaidens giving the more gargoylic TIMs the exact same fake compliments?

Lmao at this comment 😂😂 gargoylic is the perfect word for them!

Yes, I bet it makes the prettier men seethe, they didn’t have to put in so much effort after all.

Also, TIM’s really don’t pass at all. I think maybe some oldschool HSTS went unnoticed because nobody was aware of men pretending to be women...now its a whole “thing” I bet everyone can spot any TIM a mile away - straight hips, big shoulders, male torso, giant hands, feet and skull, drag queen makeup and male AF voice 😂 the prevalence of TIMs has made them all more clockable

I don't really put any effort into conciously attributing aesthetics to the sexes, the whole TRA 'passing' thing aka attributing femininity to women and masculinity to men is fucked up. Whole things odd. I don't care if roided women (tifs detrans, athletics, gender non conforming etc.) use the female bathroom and they often superficially appear masculine enough for the general population to think they're (TI)men

He's right that his facial hair doesn't make him any less of a woman.

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I wish I could unsee this video... After perusing a bit on their account it is blatantly clear that this person is severely mentally ill, is physically disabled, struggles with mobility, socialization, weight, etc., and claims to have treatment resistant depression, agoraphobia, ptsd amongst other things. Goes through electroconvulsive therapy and has many tiktoks in the hospital. Their close family member has passed away (mother) and likely isn't the only one, with both sides of the family not on speaking terms, only one sibling who has kids and a family of their own that even talks to them. They have no job, probably little to no will to live and it seems the only time they actually leave the house or see others is recorded on tiktok or when their personal aide comes by, and the only one I've seen of him with friends is with elderly disabled neighbors (so they're likely in an assisted living facility or retirement community).

In spite of being an aggressive TRA and entirely delusional I actually feel bad for them; I've seen this a few times with people that are so ridden with illnesses, detached from reality, who pretty much rarely leave their house or have social interaction. It's likely that this is just the thing they attached to, like the furry culture obsession with shut ins a few years back, and have latched on to it mostly to have something to live for and feel enraged about. Being trans and their "activism" is genuinely the only thing they have, and gives him attention, gifts, comments both good and bad that he'd NEVER get otherwise by just existing. And likely due to finances, mental struggles, and capabilities, he's unlikely to be able to do much else besides just exist and be pissed off at things. It's sad. While I do have anger and won't absolve him of his responsibility in parroting the TRA madness, it's also really depressing to see their life and the amount of misery that led them to this. I doubt they'll change because I doubt they truly believe they're a woman, without this to fight for they'd have nothing left in their life. Being a tiktok TIM is genuinely all they have in their life.

none of those mental illnesses are without options. He might have done a tad better with a bit of tough love. The internet is protecting him from getting better (even a tiny bit better would be a huge improvement for him)

Yes. I've also noticed that there's really a movement or push to almost...wallow in mental illness, because people make it part of their identity. If they get better, then who are they? Best stay ill. And with so many mental illnesses, you have to want to get better, you have to have the will to work with your clinicians and treatment plans. I didn't will myself out of depression, treatment helped me, but I wouldn't have sought help without that want and will and drive.