Alright so the article is behind a paywall and remained that way when I tried to archive it so I don't know what the article says. But I think it's safe to assume it's the same old bollocks about sexed souls we heard many times from TRAs already. The photo is a stock photo btw but makes it look like it's a parody from the Babylon Bee or something...

Edit: not an article but an advice column as o/furyosa linked the archived version in her comment. Well nothing new here, woman joins the trans trend and a person who is supposed to be a professional ("Trish Murphy is a psychotherapist, teacher and trainer based at Trinity College Dublin" as the info on Irish Times says of the responding therapist) reinforces her delusion. She has small kids on top of that. It's mostly AGPs who trans out after fathering kids but there's an increasing number of Gaydens too who identify out of being a straight woman only after having kids with their hubby.