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I don't think this is real. Poster is presenting TERF-girl's argument succinctly, accurately, and with clarity, and portraying everyone on his side as incapable of producing any coherent rebuttals. This piece has been cleverly crafted to present GC arguments to a pro-trans audience.


"Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl." Most teens of average intelligence would see immediately that this is an absurd argument, implying as it does that only misogynists are "real" men, and that any man who supports women must in fact be one.

TERF girl comes across as heroic, and Poster as pathetic and deluded. Unreliable narrator indeed! It's very cleverly done.

I agree. As I was reading it, I was wondering how we could infiltrate their forums and present TERFy ideas in a way that didn't trigger them. Just to plant the seed of sanity.

Even if it doesn't plant the seeds of sanity, it will mess with their heads because they'll never know which posters are truly oppressed, bullied, "valid" members of their community and which ones are the fiendishly cunning fifth columnists.