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I don't think this is real. Poster is presenting TERF-girl's argument succinctly, accurately, and with clarity, and portraying everyone on his side as incapable of producing any coherent rebuttals. This piece has been cleverly crafted to present GC arguments to a pro-trans audience.


"Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl." Most teens of average intelligence would see immediately that this is an absurd argument, implying as it does that only misogynists are "real" men, and that any man who supports women must in fact be one.

TERF girl comes across as heroic, and Poster as pathetic and deluded. Unreliable narrator indeed! It's very cleverly done.

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I don't know? Perhaps or it might just be the poster is genuinely so pathetic and deluded and the TERF girl is genuinely heroic and it can't be portrayed in any other way.

The TERF girl in this does genuinely come across as a bit mean and I think if a GC person was writing this they could make it just as believable and recieve just as many upvotes while making her seem less so. She's understandably annoyed but they could have written it so she was still annoyed without coming across like that. Any trans person who sees this is just going to be annoyed at the girl and not really think about anything or have any respect for her arguments because of this

A couple of times they could have explained GC arguments a lot more. Especially when he talks about what was in the recording, the writer could have written another 2-3 lines about what arguments she used without it sounding unusual or suspicious

If it is like that its almost too clever as it's too subtle and it will all go over their heads

I think these posts https://archive.ph/Q5n8I "my wife is a TERF and now has opinions" and https://archive.ph/7XNsb "How do I respond to transphobic questions asked by fifth grader" seem to be far more likely to be what you are saying

I believe there are quite a lot of undercover GCs posting cleverly-composed "help me fellow trans how do I respond?" posts in those forums.