TERF arguments can be hard to argue with as they are good at asking gotcha questions in bad faith, especially as he hadn’t thought about them much. He probably shouldn’t have engaged with her and just punished her straight away and I don’t know why he didn’t.

The witch made too many logical arguments. The man in authority should have just burned her without a trial.

That said, it was risky for the girl to record the conversation and post it. OP does say he lives in Maine, and a quick google search shows that one-party-consent recordings are legal there, but I don't know if there are extra stipulations in the realm of education.

Part of what made me realize I was trans was that I hated the way cis boys talked about women and didn’t want to be like that. And this made me realize I am a girl.

Not being sexist != female

Ah, this is fake then. Too many britishisms for the writer to be from Maine.

Def. He said she’s the “cleverest” girl in class, no one American uses “clever” like that. We’d say, she’s the smartest girl in class.

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People ask me all the time if I'm European. They say I have a bit of an accent and phrase things strangely. I don't see it, but I have gotten this a lot, my whole life. I am a lifelong resident of the NE US.

P.s.- I also say clever.

Could this be fake? Sure. But the assertion I'm seeing in many comments on this thread that we Americans are a homogenous group speech wise is just strange and inaccurate, imo.

"Deputy head" instead of "principal" does make me wonder. But again, we are not a homogenous group stateside, and regional differences in dialect abound. Maybe in Maine or that particular district that is what they say, I'd be interested to know.

It was Deputy Head that made me assume this writer was in the UK. If people say "Deputy Head" in Maine, I'll eat my hat.

I don't really care if it's real or not. The comments are the truly entertaining part. But this is a creative writing exercise.